Monday, June 1, 2015

Time to put water on the pancake!

I have tasted failure this week, and I never thought it would taste so sweet. 

So as an act of missionary work we went out to breakfast this week, naturally. But not just any breakfast no no no… it was at the Flipping Egg and as everyone knows the Flipping Egg has a challenge. The challenge is eat ten pancakes in ten minutes and you get your meal free and a t-shirt and your picture gets to be on the wall forever. So naturally we had to do it strictly for the sake of a picture of missionaries on the wall forever of course.

So we picked up another companionship and went and did the challenge. I got 7 pancakes in 3 minutes, making a literally legendary time, but then I hit the wall. And not another bite went in my mouth. I still had time to press through the tears. I dumped my cup of water on it to make it go down easier like the hot dog eating guys. But all of my attempts were in vain. But as I looked up my companion and the other missionaries had finished and were standing triumphant in the air. Haven beaten the monster that was placed before them. And I wait and crumble in despair and defeat.

Now I am going to relate this to my mission. I got a call this week saying I am staying in Abilene and I will finish my mission here. I will be getting Elder Crop who is cool and he will be my last companion. And I go home in a month. So thinking about this, I never once served in Lubbock Texas my entire two years and I was called to the Lubbock Texas mission…but that is beside the point. The point is I am seven pancakes down and I only have a minute to finish them instead of 7. I have so much more I want to do, but I feel like time is so short. So it is time to “put the water on the pancake” as you might say and to power through to finish the Lord’s work instead of cracking under the pressure that will so fully be there. 

This week we went on a hiking trail thing and I had the idea to hide behind a bush and scare people as they walked by and make them laugh and have a good time then we would start talking to them. Haha the spirit told me quickly to not do that and that was a terrible idea, so I didn’t do it but I got good pictures anyway haha.

Kyann is getting baptized this week and I am so excited I was able to be here for it for my last transfer he is the coolest guy every and I have learned more from teaching him than he probably has from me which is funny how that works out haha. 

I love you guys, be safe out there, if you need me you can always call me....oh wait, or write me a letter or email me haha
Love Keegan

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