Monday, June 29, 2015

I am the donkey shepherd...

Good morning and if I don’t see you, good afternoon, evening and night! (Which I won’t)

So one more week here in the land of old Abilene Texas, who would have ever thought that they would save my hardest area for my last one! Haha but I like the challenge. It’s just weird when you go a week where the only people who will talk to you are members of your faith and your companion, haha but it is still awesome every day.

So this week we did a couple things that were rad. One of them being we were invited to be judges for the cupcake contest that the Young Women had. And I have to say it was one of the most magical experiences of my mission. Before we went we prayed that no one’s feelings would be hurt and that no one would cry… haha… our prayers were answered! You never know with the Young Women. But challenge accepted, I ate like 15 cupcakes.

Then this week we went to the wonderful land of Buffalo Gap Texas, don’t worry no one else knew it was there either. But it was really cool, we went and volunteered at camp that it is a camp for physical therapy horseback riding. And in Texas there is terrible thorny weed everywhere that is straight from Satan himself. But anyway they were covering up the paths and the horses weren’t walking through it anymore, so we went and eradicated some weeds and in the process I found out that I am a donkey shepherd haha. I would hold up my shovel and they would follow me wherever I go to keep them out of the weeds.

And while I was doing this I had a couple of thoughts. Christ is the good Shepard and he leads his sheep to safety. A shepherd is a leader, someone who loves his flock and would give his life to protect it. And when I get home I am going to have the opportunity to either be a paid-hand or I can be a shepherder. There are different types of people in this world. Some of them are sheep and some of them are total donkeys haha. I am going to be honest one of my fears is that I will forget the man that I have become when I come home. It’s funny because I am still the same Keegster as before, but the Lord has made me into something that is so much better. I have finally become the man who does not just become one of the donkeys, but I pray that I will continue to be the man who can lead them and help Christ be the ultimate Sheppard
Hey so I love you guys and I miss you, two more weeks and I will see you. So don’t worry too much :)

Be safe out there 
Love elder c

Pictures: #1)- burning suit at the end of his mission (with a blow torch) #2) the donkey shepherd #3) path clearing #4) dessert treat by the Bishop, also sent a text "Love them to death" #5) one of many texted pictures received this week from members in Abilene.

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