Monday, June 22, 2015

Something about service and small towns...

It’s a Rad Rad world,
So to start things off…The Bike of Mormon totally works haha. It seriously is such a conversation starter just like my ties in high school (Keegan wore ties for 2 months every day in 9th grade). Its weird here no one wants to talk to you, you need to do appropriate things to stand out and whenever you ride up on the Bike of Mormon everyone has questions which leads to lessons! Also this week I wore my brown-red suit to church and more members of the ward talked to the missionaries than ever before it was so cool!

The Lord has blessed us a lot this week. We went to Winters Texas, idk what it is with me and small towns but they are so legendary. We were visiting members who don’t really attend church at all so we could bring the gospel to their homes and while we were doing that we ran into a member in the middle of nowhere who had some service for us. He let us move over 6 thousand pounds of rocks for him for funzies to build a wall. And it was awesome haha. I love doing service because people totally see how hard we are willing to work. And I am seriously not here to shove things down their throats, I am here to serve and to help wherever I can. That is one of the things I want to take most from my mission is serving those around me. I will forever take all opportunities within my power and reason to help others. This world is a crazy place we need more people who want to make it better and to save it and instead of complaining about it. I have chosen to be that person to make the change! Let’s all do it together, put your phones down, look up and save the world for someone.

It’s short today. I know that we all can make the world a better place so do it :)
Be safe 
Love elder c

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