Friday, July 26, 2013

2nd E-mail from MTC

Answer to question one (Do you want me to send you anything?). Yes, I want you to send me everything. I love getting things it is the best seriously, the letters and emails mean so much to me I had no idea. Yes, I leave for the airport at 4:30 in the morning Monday, then I fly to Dallas around eight and the I fly to Lubbock around noon, so be expecting a call anyone who wants one it will be legendary. I’m doing great the best part is the hard to say. I think it might be having the spirit always, it is the most empowering feeling I “lubbock”. I also love everyone here and teaching investigators and playing basketball and learning so much. I seriously love the Book of Mormon and I challenge everyone to read it. I testify of its truthfulness. I have read it once since I’ve been here and I never want to put it down, it is so cool how much they are just talking to us in it. The worst part was not going to the bathroom but now we are all good. I also don’t like how I don’t have anytime to email but I have time to write so everyone write me letters it is way fun. I feel as if I am in the dark ages or another dimension when I am writing one haha.

Yes I have seen everyone I know. I’ve seen McKay, Cole, Kyle P, Spencer Tribe, Trent, Jayne, Quinton, Sean B, Matt C, Daynes, Markis, and many more haha they are all so awesome it’s cool to see everyone grow. You will never know what it is like in the MTC unless you are here it is almost like how I feel a kingdom might be, but like not even close to as good, so I guess it’s not like a kingdom at all... your welcome.

So I met the guy from the district 2, Elder Christensen and he was awesome, he said I would be a great missionary and I was like so will you and we stopped for a second and he said okay and then I left. So it was a good day. Haha So all of these ¨¨deaf¨¨ missionaries live on our floor. They are pretending to be deaf so they can learn sign better but they just told everyone there were deaf except me because I knew one of the guys kinda. It was so funny watching my companions trying to communicate with them. All the sign missionaries were making fun of them.

Yes I have been working out if that is what you’re wondering I have only gained 6 pounds haha.

So there are these like little hide holes all around the missionary room to hide your things in, so in our room we are going to put a journal with all of our testimonies in it and leave it in one so others can write theirs in it and it will be this cool, like time thing that we started. We are genius.
I’m stoked for Riley. But nine weeks would be a long time. There are pictures of Fiji everywhere around here it looks super poor but beautiful.
I want everyone know I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his atonement. I know that God sent us here so that we can be more like him and return to him. I challenge everyone to read the Book of Mormon but if you don’t have time read my favorite chapters, Exodus 20, Mormon 8, Moroni 7 and D/C 20 they are amazing. I wish that I had studied more so I could teach more doctrine but I mainly want the spirit always so I also challenge all of you to try to have the spirit with you always and pray for it. Pray always and you will receive an answer. I love this place and I love all of my family and friends thank you for all your support. I will see you next week (I think he means call).

Keegan Christensen


Friday, July 19, 2013

Hand Written Letter from 1st Night at MTC

Well, it is my first night here and they have instructed me to write a letter home. I really don't know what to say. It has been different than I thought. I dont hate it. I mean I think I can do this for 2 years. I don't feel sick anymore. I do miss all of you. My companion is Elder Gevas. He is a nineteen year old, he dropped out of High School. He is from a little town in west Utah. He is a really nice guy, I can't complain a bit. I'm sitting on my pee stained bunk bed looking up and it still feels weird to me. I feel so young. I have so much to learn, all my previous worries are gone. I now am worried about teaching and being able to communicate. I miss Lirenza haha, but this is what I need to be doing. My companion is teaching me a lot and I am grateful to have him. I don't really know what else to say but God bless America. Texas better be ready because I'm working hard. Love, Keegan

1st E-mail from MTC

ya i felt fine by the end of the first night. really its not that bad at all i like it kinda. ya it has been the longest two days of my entire life but i know it is what i am supposed to be doing so why not have a good time with it. i mean i have 728 days with this so i might as well learn as much as i can. i havent cried yet but you know i probably wont.

i have two companions elder gevas my first comp and elder kennedy who recently joined our little love fest. elder kennedy he joined us because his comp was sent home ya it was weird. hes from canada and we dont let him forget it. i dont really know what to say. elder kearsly and elder gibby are in our room with us and they are going to seattle. they seriously are like our comps as well we are all way good friends which as made this way easier for me to handle.

the best part so far has been learning what i am supposed to be teaching. not so much how but what which is what i really needed. waking up at six thirty really isnt that bad. i can do it. crap i have 10 seconds i love you i will write you later today k bye.

Keegan Christensen