Friday, July 19, 2013

1st E-mail from MTC

ya i felt fine by the end of the first night. really its not that bad at all i like it kinda. ya it has been the longest two days of my entire life but i know it is what i am supposed to be doing so why not have a good time with it. i mean i have 728 days with this so i might as well learn as much as i can. i havent cried yet but you know i probably wont.

i have two companions elder gevas my first comp and elder kennedy who recently joined our little love fest. elder kennedy he joined us because his comp was sent home ya it was weird. hes from canada and we dont let him forget it. i dont really know what to say. elder kearsly and elder gibby are in our room with us and they are going to seattle. they seriously are like our comps as well we are all way good friends which as made this way easier for me to handle.

the best part so far has been learning what i am supposed to be teaching. not so much how but what which is what i really needed. waking up at six thirty really isnt that bad. i can do it. crap i have 10 seconds i love you i will write you later today k bye.

Keegan Christensen

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