Monday, June 15, 2015

Bike of Mormon and gnomes for a neighbor...

Dear World,
Life is totally worth living my friends. 
The countdown has begun, everyone keeps telling me because I go home a month from today. For all of you out there who are waiting patiently for me to come back, it’s just going to be a little bit longer :) So like I said last week, I want to be able to be awesome and be spiritual at the same time when I get home and for a long time I thought there was no way to do that, but Elder Crop has helped me see the light.

So this week our downstairs neighbor who is a single girl made us cookies just for funzies and that is a pretty big deal because when she first moved in she was completely scared of Mormons haha. But I have talked to her like every day just being a good neighbor and it is rad. Anyway we wanted to repay her for being awesome and giving us cookies but I knew nothing about her at all except that she is in the Air Force and that she has a gnome on her front door. So was thinking I went out and bought like 7 small gnomes and every day we put a new one in front of her door in different positions. Like in a circle or making a fire or hanging from another one and she had no idea who was doing this btw. It is so easy for people to just move a gnome, but who makes them multiply come on? Haha So on the last day after a week we put a bigger one out in front of her door that said “thanks for the cookies love-your gnomies upstairs”. And she thought it was awesome and no missionaries ever do stuff like that and it is so fun!

I was thinking I totally have made missionary work a part of my life, I have made the gospel a part of my life and it isn’t lame at all, it actually is awesome. Also this week we painted my bike (Bike of Mormon)... it was awesome too haha.

We also went to baptism for Elder Crop in Brownwood on Saturday where he baptized his investigator from a while back and I did the musical number in-between. It was so cool. Baptisms have changed my life I have to say. I have been so so so blessed with being able to see so many souls come unto Christ and I know that that is why the Lord has needed me here. But I am not done, I am not even close. 4 weeks of awesome await me and then the rest of my life of sheer legendary-ness to come. The Church is the truth. I know that I am nothing as to my strength I am weak. But Christ strengthens me to become what I am meant to be. And He can and is strengthening you every day don’t forget that.

I love you all be safe out there
Love elder c

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