Monday, July 6, 2015

Surprise visit and Saving the World...

Just another brick on the wall…
So I am positive that I have the best Brother and Sister-in-law in the entire world. This week was my last Fast and Testimony Meeting as a missionary in The Texas Lubbock Mission and I was sitting in the building about thirty minutes before Sacrament Meeting and I was talking with my companion Elder Cropy Crop and I looked over and I saw a guy with an awesome beard so waved (or nodded according to KC) hello. Then I was like wait a second that is my brother haha, so I ran across the chapel and hugged them and it was awesome. I am pretty sure I have seen my family more than most people on their mission, but it is awesome. So that made my week for sure.

Also this week I built a fence in Buffalo Gap to keep the horses from getting near a steep edge where they might fall off or roll down with a rider on them. This fence was previously destroyed and we rebuilt it almost new. And while I was building this fence in the beauty of being in the middle of nowhere, I was thinking how literally no one will ever see this fence that I have built. I honestly will receive no worldly recognition for what I have done, but I didn't care, I know that what I was doing was right and that it needed to be done. I think this is a lot like my mission. I have served every day for the last two years for my Lord and King and I will receive no worldly recognition for it and I don’t want any worldly recognition. I feel like in my life I have done things for the wrong reason so much of my life. But I have come to understand that the world doesn't matter, these worldly things mean nothing. I am here to serve my God. My hope when I get home is to be the same person that I am in the dark that I am in the light. I don’t want to have any doubts. I just want to live my life for Him and it is fun I promise.

I know a lot of the time I say that I want to save the world. The other day I was reading in Preach my Gospel and in it, it says "the Gospel is the only thing that can save the world from its own self destruction" so I have figured out how to save the world. And don’t worry when I get home I am not going to be preachy or anything even close to that, but I am different than when I left on my mission. I have become more of the person that I want to be and that I need to be. I am still me, but the Lord has made me into more of what He wants me to be. So don’t be scared just be ready for what is to come. I am going to finish strong with this last week. I have to be a missionary and save the world one person at a time.

I love you guys, be safe out there whenever you need me call me, no matter where you are, cause ain't no mountain high enough haha.

Love you
Love, Elder C. 


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