Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"When the hardest part is over we'll be heroes"

The world,
"When the hardest part is over we'll be heroes"
"We are caught in the crossfire of heaven and hell"
"Tell the devil that he can go back to where he came" 
Hands down one of the best songs ever written, so true. I guess my entire life I have wanted to be someone’s hero. That really is my dream. I have been thinking about that a lot. And I feel like I am in one of the hardest parts of my life right now so far. So I am going to do all I can to be someone’s hero not just a superhero :)

So I cried this week. One of the members of our ward, the Davis family, took us out to Perinies the restaurant here that is world famous and it won the best burger in the United States a couple years back. It totally deserved to win, so they got me a filet steak and gave me part of their burger as well, but when it came to the table it looked so perfect. And so I cut a piece out of it and I put it in my mouth... a flood of emotion entered into my body and tears began to pour out of my eyes.... I wish I was kidding. I realized there are only three things that can make me cry: 1) when I talk about the gospel. 2) when I talk about my family and 3) Perinies steak haha.

Also this week we met with a family in our ward who has a son who has not been baptized yet so we are blessed to start teaching him this week. Prayers and hard work are paying off. Not really anyone was mean to us this week so I am so stoked! haha The life of Jesus Christ was real and it changed everything. The other night we went to give a blessing to one of our investigators who is struggling with an addiction and the thought came to my mind that when Jesus suffered for us he took on all of the urges, temptations, wants, cravings, and he beat it, he overcame it and he did that so he can know exactly what we are going through so he can help us through it. So if you are struggling with something turn to him he has already beaten it for you and just for you.
We are never alone.

I love you guys so much be safe. 
Love elder c

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Keegan, I love you! XO Aunt Wendy