Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and the little things...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Mother’s Day,
to all of the Ladies out there who have been a mom to me at some point in my life thank you so much and Yesterday was totally your day!

That being said I gave my talk in church and I have never seen more middle-aged women cry in my entire life haha…in a good way. It was really fun to speak on mothers on Mother’s Day and what they truly do and how important it truly is. And only few people came to the study class and the movie, but I know so much more are going to come next week! This is going to work. Never give up never surrender! 

This week I don't have much time so I have a quick story. As a missionary I see so so so many miracles all day that I feel like I have begun to start taking them for granted. And I really don't like that. So the other day we drove out to Buffalo Gap to do a service project with the youth in the ward and when we got there they were all walking away and we were late and didn't know where we were going, so we were trying to be super quick so pulled in super fast and tried to get out, but the keys wouldn't come out of the ignition. So we started freaking out and screaming… then I was like... “wait.....Lets pray” and it was kinda a joke, but serious because there is so many more things that are way more important than that that I could be praying about, but as I said it, the three other missionaries in the car bowed their heads and I prayed. Immediately when I said amen, I moved the shift just a little bit to the right and the keys came right out. And it is funny, so much of the time for me I think I need these huge things to happen to strengthen my faith in God and I have to see people rising from the dead or something. But that act of seeing the keys come out of the ignition strengthened my testimony more than anything else. It showed to me that God cares about the little things in our life and that He is always always there to listen to your prayer… even if you are in a car in the middle of a po-dunk town of 400 people on a ranch. He still cares. So look for God in the little things and I know you will feel Him a lot more. Small and simple truly is the way to go.

I love you guys and if you need any extra lovin send a letter my way and I promise I will send one back!
be safe 

love elder c

 More info from the Mother's Day phone/Skype call:

1) He said he spoke of Mother Mary (Christ's mother), Lucy Mack Smith (Joseph Smith's mother), his own mom's conversion story and Peggy (his surrogate mom or our neighbor when he was a little boy). 

2) He sang part of Amazing Grace to the tune of The Scientist for us and it was actually really good. He is creative.

3) He said they have been doing more hours of service (mission went from 3 hours to 10 hours a week) including trimming huge trees and a company that does it for a living stopped and told them each tree they trimmed was worth like $1200 to do professionally.

4) He has been getting up and working out at 5:45 every morning and he said that helps him have more energy during the day. 

5) Missionaries have been arrested there that have tried to proselyte after 7:00 PM.


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