Monday, March 30, 2015

A Wedding on Week #89...

World at Large,
What a week my friends, what a week. To start this little ditty from the city of San Angelo off… Mark and Heather got married this week. They did it. They came, they say, they conquered and they took that to the bank! Haha needless to say I was pretty stoked about it :). It was so cool, we got all of the supplies we needed and everything ready for it. Then on Saturday Elder Simmons, me, and Elders Laudie, Bailey and the whole Relief Society set everything up (pictures included). It was kinda fun just hanging out setting up a wedding with a bunch of middle aged women! I was thinking, wow I never ever imagined this happening in my entire life, but I am so down that it is.

Anyway, we set it up so it hardly looked like a gym anymore and people started filing in. The wedding began and the bishop had a wonderful speech? I don't know what to call it, but it was incredible and when they said, “you may kiss the bride”, I literally leaped out of my chair with a fist bump saying, “that's what I’m talking about”..... It was all an involuntary spasm I swear. Haha. Then we all got to line up and shake their hands and it seriously was so cool to hug the newly married couple. And to hear them tell me, thank you for changing their life.

Then they went and cut their cake that an elder couple missionary Sister Adams made for the occasion. And while we were eating cake. The parents of the young newlyweds came up to me with all of the love in the world, telling me thank you for what I have done for their children and their family. It was a groovy moment. Then everyone started to file out and everything went so perfectly, not a single bump in the road. I know the Lord was behind it, I know I did nothing for Mark and Heather. It was all the Holy Ghost. I am just so blessed that I am able to be his conduit for 2 years. As we were cleaning up the wedding and the Relief Society went to the Women’s Conference. I was thinking a lot about, this wedding. How one, they were people my age and younger. And how close and real marriage truly is. I was thinking a lot about the ceremony of their wedding and the words "till death do you part" would not leave my mind. And I was filled with sadness. Because I like to picture my future wife in my head a lot and I don't want to just be with her till death, I know that, I want to be with her forever. That is why I am so blessed that we have temples, so I can marry my wife for time and all of eternity. God did not just give me my future wife for this life alone, he will not just give me that incredible bond and relationship just for it to end at death. No I get to be with her forever, so I am going to marry my wife in the temple.

So the next step with Mark and Heather is baptism, then a year after that I am coming back to see them get sealed in the House of the Lord. I am so stoked right now. This week a lot happened that I wanted to share, but I think this is long enough so I will leave it at that for right now haha. When all is said and done, I love you guys so much and thanks for reading. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.
Be safe

love elder c

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