Monday, April 6, 2015

Testimony time in the TLM....

This is Elder Keegan Christensen from the TLM, Texas Lubbock Mission, or The Lord’s Mission, whichever you prefer. This week was weird it seriously felt like it didn't even happen, I don't know if that has ever happened to you.

I love Easter, it is one of the two times a year that everyone who is a Christian comes together to celebrate the Living Christ. And to top it all off we had Conference where we get to hear from the prophet of God. Doesn't get much better than that my friends.

This week I would like to share my testimony of the power and divinity of Jesus who is the Christ. I know that he lives today, I have thought a great deal about him, I have meditated, and prayed to know if he is there. And all of those were good. But I did not know for myself that he was there until I accessed his infinite atonement. Those of you who do not know if Christ is truly there and you have prayed and asked to know if he is there and got no answer, I invite you to act to get your answer to know that he is real and that he lived and that he died for us individually. I know this more than I know anything else on this green earth. I know that he not only died but he rose for us so that we all can live again with perfected bodies. Not just spirits but bodies with no blemish or fault. No pain....or disease. And most of all I know he lives for us today and because he lives we can make it through, we can leap over every obstacle and we can be free from anything holding us down. To know this is to live. I love him.

It truly is as easy and simple as that. He gave everything for us every debt has been paid. Don't worry, just act and use him. I love you all so much. This email is brief, but it is the truth and I lie not.

Be safe I love you

Love elder c

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