Monday, April 27, 2015

Exploring to understand Abilene

Carry on, 
The world is a beautiful place my friends and Abilene can be that beautiful too if you look really really really hard haha. I’M KIDDING. I dig it here a lot. So my area is the rich part of town I found and every single house here is a lot nicer than my own, so I was kind of intimidated when I arrived I am not going to lie. Driving down the road for the tour of my area only struck more fear into my heart with every house I passed by. Knowing that all of these people already attended one of the 400 churches in town made me think of the difficulty of my situation. Then I said a prayer for God to give me strength in my new home here. Immediately my outlook of the whole situation changed.

I realized with the light and knowledge in which I have gained all I can do is help these people. Even though they all attend a different denomination, they all have questions that cannot be answered by anyone but me and my companion. And the Holy Ghost of course. My area has a few mega churches in it as well. If you don’t know what that is… picture 3 football fields or so side-by-side, then put a giant box over it with a steeple on top. Each one of the huge churches holds thousands of people every Sunday. And a few of them teach a strictly anti- Mormon Sunday School class. This town everyone is so religious but it is so strange to me that with all of this love for the Savior everywhere, there is so much hate towards the one sect that I represent. This is going to be a crazy transfer I know it. But I have no fear. With the Lord and my companions beside me Abilene’s heart is going to be softened. Challenge accepted my friends.

The Church is true… it is more true today than it ever has been before. I know this because there is no way I would be able to feel the way I do right now if it were not. I love my Savior and I love y'all too… if you need me I am here for ya.  Be safe out there remember who you are and what you stand for. 

Love elder c 
(And my pictures aren’t working today :( sorry everyone I had some cool ones this week.)

PS. Keegan bought some souvenir boots :-)

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