Monday, April 13, 2015

Eating out, unexpected kiss and helping hands...

Every day is my destiny…
Such a weird week, it was the most far-out week of my mission but I loved it.
Couple cool things that happened… We went to Ballenger this week to teach our investigator there. He works at the local best restaurant in town and I like to go out to eat so people can see us as normal people and we always have people come and talk to us so it is sweet, but this was different. This being the best restaurant in town, in a small town on a Friday night, literally everyone in town was there and literally all but 3 came up and talked to us asking us where we were from and were so happy that nicely dressed younger men were coming into town to make the appearance of it better. And all of the old ladies hugged us. It was weird...but legendary. But now we have a lot of people to talk to there so the Lord works in mysterious ways. As long as you are out doing His will, He will put people in your path.

Secondly, I am keeping a distance away from every girl I see now haha. So this week I went on exchanges with the other companionship in my district and something crazy always, always happens on exchanges. Well anyway we taught so many people that day literally over 12 and it was nonstop teaching, but on the way to one appointment we were biking down the street and we see this girl crying, she is in her early 20s and she looks upset. She was being sent to a voluntary rehab clinic for the next 6 months and she was so afraid of the future. We talked to her about how if you put God as your goal and continue to strive to walk towards Him taking steps of faith onto an unknown path, God will put the stepping stones in front of you in order to make that journey. It was an incredible moment on the side of the road, and then she asked in her tears if we could pray for her, I gladly said yes and began to pray for her saying the things that she needed help with and asked God to help her. We all said amen and I look up, as I am in the motion of looking up I see her face getting super close to mine, and I panic and all of a sudden she kissed me right on the lips!! I jumped back really quick (obviously she was a little tipsy),  then I said goodbye as quick as I could and we got out of there but she was just happy as a clam telling us thank you, thank you so much, she knew everything was going to be alright. I am glad we got to talk to her but idk if it was worth the cost haha. I felt dirty all week but my companion assured me everything is alright. 

So ya, it has been a crazy week here in San Angelo. To close things off…. this week on Saturday we did a helping hands project for a member of our ward who’s house is slowly eating away with squirrels in their roof and the sides falling down. So we got the ward together and there is a member who owns a contracting business in the ward. And we got all the materials donated and we rebuilt her roof and the sides of her home. Putting in new windows and doors and sinks. It was so cool to see the look on this mother’s face with her daughter and grandchildren living there with her. She was crying and said thank you. Thank you for all you have done. I am so glad I have been able to come on a mission and help people who truly need my help in many different ways. I am also blessed for what I am learning. I will now be able to do repairs and help my future family with our house issues as well as those in my ward. The Lord has many reasons for us to be where we are and I am so excited to find them all out.

I love you all be safe this week.

love elder c 

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