Monday, March 2, 2015

A baby and a beard on a bike...

Dear world,
Starting off the week with a new baby was a pretty good way to do it haha. Yes Mark and Heather had their baby and it was the hardest thing ever to tell them I am not allowed to hold children :( especially one that was born on my birthday! I am livid haha.

But this week was pretty fun, we went out to the haunted city of Ballenger. So as a missionary in West Texas where everything is just small towns, you cover like 6 towns if you are in a car area and sometimes on a bike haha. But ya, we cover Winters, Texas with like 500 people, maybe like 300 people and Ballenger with like 2000 people which seems like a lot but it’s not. And Bronte which is like 100. And all of these towns down here are from the Wild West no joke, it is sweet. Like I am pretty sure I saw a shootout down the street the other day. But for real, it is fun talking to people from small towns because they are all just so down to earth and loving.  I believe that if we can develop the small town love into a big city that is the perfect life to live.

We went there and literally everyone knows their neighbor and if you knock on their neighbor’s door, they will come outside and tell you they are not home for them. Or if you are knocking a street and finish a house, the house you just knocked will call their neighbor and tell them we are coming before we walk 20 feet. It is awesome haha.

This week was also a blessing because I had my beard beanie that I got for Christmas, and it’s my fav, but it was 0 degrees wind chill this week in San Angelo, Texas which literally never ever ever happens and the wind was blowing hard and that day we gave our car to some other missionaries who are in a bike area to be nice. But we biked all day literally and only talked to like 5 people because it was so cold and the only things people would say were, “it’s too cold go inside” or “I like your beard. I didn't know Mormons could have fun?” haha. It really was a conversation starter.

I am trying to think outside the box and go by the spirit completely. I’ve realized that as I put the spirit first and literally just follow I am so much more happy. It is super hard to do, but I would seriously recommend it to anyone out there. This week was kind of slow, but it was a good one anyway. I love you guys so much be safe out there.

love elder c

(PS. Heather and Mark named their little girl Addyson and the penguin suit Keeg just found in their apartment and wore it one day.)

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