Monday, February 23, 2015

Investigator giving birth on my!

20 down, eternity to go…
If you didn't know I turned twenty today and man it is weird haha, I beat teen pregnancy! (As my investigators said).

Today I have been thinking a lot about the last 20 years of my life and how old my parents and brother and sisters are haha. In the last ten years of my life… I went through puberty, high school, friends, relationships, states, phases, I’ve made mistakes… a lot of them, I have had success… (here and there) and I have grown in more ways than I can comprehend. And looking back on these last years, sure I have some things that I guess I regret here and there but truly over all I wouldn't really want to change a thing. If I hadn't done the things I have done I would not be “the me” I am today, I would not have the conviction that the gospel is restored that I have. I would not act the way I do. Sure bad things have happened all throughout my life but really the past is history. We learn and we move on and start anew every day to become better and stronger.

This is going to be a pretty groovy couple of years coming up I think. Some even bigger decisions are going to be made. Where I go to school, my future career, my spouse, and if I can keep the same tone of the gospel I have on my mission. And though all these things are happening. I am not afraid. I will not fear because I know the Lord will take care of it.

Today was also pretty solid because Mark and Heather, my investigators, went in this morning to have their baby, and they called us and asked us to come give Heather a blessing beforehand at 6 A.M. Feb 23rd 2015, so my day started off pretty sweet, having a baby of one of your best friends born on your b-day is awesome. And after we gave her the blessing she sighed and smiled and said she felt so much better. Then I hugged Mark for a long time and while I did that I thought about how scared he was when we walked in the room. In a few short hours he was going to be a father. Then after the blessing and after the hug, things just seemed to melt away and peace came into the room. It was incredible. I am not ready to have a kid right now I have realized, that is why I am on a mission and not home married to my future wife. I still have a couple steps I need to make to be the father I need to be. So with the years to come, do not fear for the Lord is your Shepard…

I come home this year and it is weird, kinda sad, but kinda happy, don't worry about me out there cause I am doing good:). I am happy to give on my birthday for the Lord and for my friends, family and future family.

I love you all so much please be safe.

love elder c

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