Monday, March 16, 2015

Prayers changed everything...

Well if I didn't have a testimony of prayer, I sure have one now haha.
This week was pretty groovy, we went all over our area this week which is like over a hundred miles north and forever east and west as well. We went to a couple of the small towns like Bronte, and Robert Lee. Bronte’s population is 999 and Robert Lee 1047, but probably smaller because people are bouncing left and right out of there haha. So this is what I pictured my mission to be like and I am getting it 100%... small hick towns with tons of friendly people in them. In Robert Lee there is literally a church on every corner as you drive into town. But that doesn't scare me haha, we went and seriously everyone there that we talked to, no joke everyone, was so interested and friendly and had never seen missionaries really before. This is the first time that area has really been worked on, so we got so many new investigators and people who truly needed us, who would have thought that in a po-dunk town so many people would need the Gospel of Jesus Christ? It is incredible. And literally everyone knew each other, so the second we walked into town everyone and their dogs knew we were there haha.

Okay and on the other part of the prayer thing. My investigators who we have been teaching for so long. And have needed to get married before they can be baptized. Out of the blue when we were teaching them said, “We need to get married”, like it clicked and then they said, “how about the 28th of this month”? And it is on like donkey kong!! No joke it was the best news I have heard. The spirit was super strong in that lesson and I am so so so grateful for all of your prayers this week, no joke it has changed everything for this area.

I am blessed to be a mission I know it and I won’t deny it! Ha-ha rad tomorrow is my 20 month mark on my mission.... time is flying. Don't take anything for granted back home, don't waste a single day because it comes so fast. Life is groovy even during the bad times. You just have to look for it :) Be safe out there guys. I love you

Love elder keeg

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