Monday, March 31, 2014

Reach out and be everyone’s friend...

Well another week here in Midland, maybe my last, so if you were planning on writing me wait until I can give you my address:).

This week was really a hard week filled with not many lessons, but we did meet some very cool people.

We met another homeless man this week. I don’t remember his name, but he had short- term memory loss, like ten-second-Tom. He has nothing, but a Bible and now a Book of Mormon. The other night it got down to below zero wind chill and he was looking for a place to stay. And in his words, “a beam of light came down from the sky and shined on an abandoned gas station and God told him to go stay there and he fell asleep and woke up and saw a salt and pepper shaker and knew it was Jesus”.... his story is really inspiring to me. He has nothing and just the little things made him happy.

We need to remember that Christ is in the little things as well as in the big ones. Our conversation ended with a hug and a goodbye and as my companion hugged him goodbye, I was scanning the surrounding people as they gave us disgusted looks....I was livid and really hurt by how much self-pride they had. It threw me a little back… He is a son of God. He is my brother and even though he may be in a little worse situation than I am in, my life does not give me the right to look down on him.

So this message today is focused on teens and younger still in school. Reach out and be everyone’s friend, love everyone cause we are equals with everyone. Sit with those kids at lunch who are alone, talk to the kids in class in the corner…Because you really could change someone’s life and even your own!

I love this man we met and the joy he gave me in my life, try to love.

Sorry this week has been different. Midland is getting more and more crazy by the day.

I have some pictures to better say what I did. I’m sorry. I love you all so much.

Love Keegan

More Answers from Question-Letter:
Who would you most like to get a letter from: a random friend
Rank order your activities: #1 teaching/talking, #2 tracting, #3 Church, #4 Study
Favorite treats to receive: Fruit snacks, cake mixes, other mixes, Kerns (juice) Favorite anything to receive: Skinny-ish ties, gift cards, Disney CDs
Best p-day activities: Bowling, going to the mall, feeling normal
Things to release stress: Nothing, I need something...
Most prized possession/would save in a fire: Paintings, my Bible (sounds southern), ties, letters
First thought that fills your head when you wake up: Clement didn't kill me while I was sleeping!!!

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