Monday, March 24, 2014

Coolest service project I have had my entire mission...

Hello everyone,

This week has been kind of crazy I wish I could show you the pictures, but I forgot my camera and I am livid!! So I will send them next week!

It is weird that I have already been in this area for a month. It seems like I got here a couple of days ago! I am getting tan if you were wondering.

So Monday of this week Elder Clement and I got a call from a 90 year old WWII veteran that said he had a leak under his house and no one in the ward had time to help him, so we were called to the job and it was awesome!! So we walk in and see this 1 foot by 1 foot hole in the cement that HE hammered out!! So we started digging and we got about a foot and half deep, then we climbed in the hole under his house following the pipe for about 20 feet until I found the leak while we were in this tiny hole. I then cut the pipe and patched it up and this was the coolest service project I have had my entire mission. BUT we should not be the ones doing it, there are 300 hundred members in that ward and he called everyone and we were the only ones willing to help him! I was livid! Our whole religion in based on helping others and being selfless! I know there are a lot of really caring members, don’t get me wrong, but we as a whole need to step up our game and really try to remember to forget yourself! haha

This week we also went to Robert’s 38th birthday party. He has Downs Syndrome and his whole family was there. Robert and I have become best friends over the last few weeks and it was really fun to be there with his family and teach them all. We told them all about the resurrection and how they will be together, and Robert will be made perfect. He already is perfect, but his body will be too. It was a really powerful moment for everyone and it really reminded me why I am out here and how many people really are walking in the dark with no hope for the future. So we need to help give them that hope and faith for the future, times get hard but through every hard time we learn something.

I love you all. Sorry my email was short today, idk why it is, but I will do better.

Love Keegan

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