Monday, March 17, 2014

This week has been full of life and miracles and even death...

So ya this week was a little different too. As far as investigators are going we have been having a little bit of bad luck, but it will get better as long as we keep our heads up and talk to literally every single person in Western Texas haha.

Elder Clement is doing good as always, he says that west Texas is a lot like home to him which idk if that is true, but hey that’s cool haha.

As far as investigators go, the one we have didn't come to church, but I think they have had the best excuse I've heard so far haha, their house burned down (pictures included). So when we went by, church was the last thing on their mind.

Also this week has been full of life and miracles and even death.

So this Monday Clement and I were doing our regular p-day routine when we got a call from the Bishop saying a lady in our ward had a stroke and is in critical condition and he needs our help to give her a blessing. And the bishop received the call from her husband, who had his records removed from the church a while ago, but he didn't know who else to call...and he didn't know what to do. So we got there and she was in really bad shape and the doctor’s didn't think she was going to make it..... So we proceeded to give her a blessing by the laying on of hands... when we did this peace came over the room and everyone was crying..... Even her husband, then when the blessing was finished, we said our goodbyes and we left..... then we received a call an hour later saying that her signs were looking up and that she is going to pull through....I know that the same priesthood that Christ held is on the earth today and miracles can and do happen every day...

Now this week we also received a call from a woman and her husband, her husband is a member and he had a heart attack... and again was in really bad shape. And they asked us to come and give him a blessing... When we got there they kept saying how happy they were that we were there and they knew that this blessing was going to work and he was going to be Elder Clement anointed him and I gave him the blessing......the next morning he passed away... Life is short, really not too fair at times. We do not always understand God’s plan for us. But I am here to testify that He does have a plan and for some reason Heavenly Father needed His son to come home... This life is not in our hands it is in Gods. And when we can remember that everything will make more sense.

I know who I am and I know my purpose.
Love elder c

Pics: 1) investigators's house burned down 2) so the thing in the tree is the Texas state bird or a bag haha, 3) the kid is a Priest who came with us and 4) that is George Bush's childhood home that I knocked on the door of haha


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