Monday, March 10, 2014

So I have a story...

Hello everyone my name is Elder C and I have had an amazing week in the city of Midland, Texas. It has really been eye opening in a lot of ways and it has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and made me realize how precious life really is. So I have a story.

This week we were able to ride bikes again because my elbow is doing better which is super rad! So we were able to go to the other part of our area which is on the south side of the tracks and it is exactly how it sounds. It really isn't a place you want to just be hanging out! Anyway, Elder Clement and I where down there and it got dark and we got lost on our bikes. So we were riding around and we couldn't see the names on the map cause it was too dark, so we were riding and we saw a light at the end of like this alleyway, so we went so we could see the map. But Elder Clement had a bad feeling about going over there that he did not share with me until after this experience....So we went down there to find a drug dealer just casually dealing something to a guy... At this point we didn't really think we should keep going which idk why haha, then we pulled out our map, while I was watching this man that just bought something inject a needle into his arm. Which kinda was weird, then I saw him start getting crazy and run over at us yelling hey you Mormon Nazis!! Which was not good. So we talked for a second with this gentleman, then he said hang on a minute. He turns around and pulls out a knife and says "this is for shoving a rag in my mouth and leaving me for dead"! Then his friends start coming out, so me and Clement were calm and as he looked over at his friends coming over, I lightly shoved him to the ground and we rode out of there as fast as we could........Okay so the moral of the story is 1st always pray. Always ask for help from God and #2 is to always follow the spirit. If Elder Clement would have told me the feeling none of that would have gone down.... so then the next night! We decided to follow the spirit and we went down another street and who do we find? The same guy and he comes up to us again! But this time he is different and he asks if he can walk with us, and we said yes, but we were going to stay in very lit, busy areas haha. Then we ended up teaching him the restoration of Jesus Christ’s gospel and how all men can be forgiven through Christ’s atonement. Many tears were shed and we set up another appointment, so pray about all of that for us. What I learned from this is 1) don't do drugs, the Word of Wisdom is inspired and 2) don't judge anyone, because anyone can change. I am so blessed to be here and to be alive. I love life and I love all of God’s creatures. Thank you for everything that you do.

Love Elder Christensen

4 PICS: so... one is a meth house that blew up the other day in our area haha and some food I made. I love you guys.
(a few survey questions that Keegan’s Mom sent him that she wanted to share)
  • What word best describes your life right now? Adult, insane
  • What do you cook most for you guys to eat? eggs (haha) and Ramon, granola, cuties(little oranges)
  • What do you like best about serving a mission? The people and the gospel (haha)
  • What is the hardest about serving a mission? Being away from those who I love...


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