Monday, March 3, 2014

I am going to take them under my wings and fly them to their mission...

This week has been a week everyone, 7 days of pure missionary work and moving :)

Our new ward is awesome, there are a lot of Priests in it, so I am going to take them under my wings and fly them to their mission! It’s going to be cool haha. I love it. Also they love having Elders which is a cool change in pace!

So this week has been a little crazy saying goodbye to those who I love, then leaving and going 3 miles away, but I won’t see them for two more years haha. So we go to our apartment and it is way nice and there are a ton of people who hang out on their back porch at night time across the universe from us. Clement and I, when we got home put up some Christmas lights out there and joined the group it was awesome. They were just sitting talkin and we taught them the whole restoration from each other’s decks! I felt like Romeo and Juliet, but I hope it has a better outcome haha.

So our area is huge and it takes a little bit to get to the far side of town (still on foot), so by the time we got there it was starting to get dark and when we got there we realized we shouldn't be there after dark, if you know what I mean. So we started on our way back and then we got the feeling that we had to stay and not be babies about it. So we stayed and walked around there wondering why Heavenly Father needed us to stay there. Then we saw Raymond and Robert. Raymond is a 64 year old man and Robert who has Downs syndrome, they were sitting there singing on their porch together and they were the happiest people I have ever seen, so I went up to them and said "do you want to be together forever"? And they said "yes", so we taught them about how families can be together forever. And they started crying. SO I know that God will tell you where you need to go even though it might be a little bit scary at times, He will never lead you astray :)

I love you guys.

love keegan

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