Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Biked 364 miles and blessed Cindy...

This week most definitely was a week.
So this week we biked all day, every day and I was curious to see how much we biked. So I started counting it out on the map when we got home from work every lunch and dinner break haha. I was pretty surprised. We biked 364 miles this week, that might not seem like a lot, but just picture that in slacks, a tie and a back pack with 20,000 Book of Mormons in it haha. It was awesome and add onto that it never got below 100 degrees. People are starting to feel sympathy for us once again which is such a blessing. I have started to pull out the scripture in Matthew about giving the Lord’s servants even a cup of water will bless them for the eternities haha. They seem to get a kick out of it :)

Life is fun. So this week we saw a miracle in broad day light. So our investigator I have been talking about lately, Cindy, was down this week. She literally disappeared off the face of the earth. She said she would be at our appointment on Wednesday and she does not have any family or friends in town, or a phone, or a car, so she could not go anywhere! But when we went by the house was black and her beloved cat Monsieur was outside and that is not a good sign. We automatically assumed that she was dead, so we started freaking out checking to see if her house smelled. We checked like 5 times in two days, then we finally knocked and she answered and she had been deathly ill with a virus all week and she was bed ridden and she could barely move. 

So we asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing, and explained it is the same power restored to the earth that Jesus Christ used to heal the sick. She gladly accepted and we said it was all according to her faith. I was blessed to give her the blessing, I have a strong testimony that the priesthood is back on the earth and that God can do anything. I laid my hands upon her head and consecrated the oil. Then gave her a blessing. The Lord prompted me to say she will be healed immediately. Right after we finished the blessing, she stood right up and started crying and thanking the Lord for making her well. Not gonna lie, I was a little freaked out, but it was a blessing to see the power of God work through me and be able to feel His love for His child… enough to help her through this small bump in her life. God cares about all of us individually and with everything that He is. I know this. I have felt His love.

Life rocks. I love you guys. If you need anything write me "I’ll be there for you”.

Elder C.

Question letter #4 answers (12 out of 42):
If you could play a character in a movie or play who would it be? Superman
What in school prepared you most for your mission? In between classes
Order of transportation you prefer most? #1) split rides with members #2) bike #3) car #4) walk
Favorite Hymn: How Great Thou Art, Praise to the Man, I Need Thee Every Hour, Nearer My God to Thee, I know That my Redeemer Lives, I Believe in Christ
Favorite Treat: ice cream
Best dream:I held this Sister Missionary's hand while we were tracting. It was an awesome dream Haha,
Worst nightmare: Don't want to talk about it.
Most beautiful thing you have seen? The Light of Christ
Ugliest thing you have seen? Don't want to talk about it
Song or scripture that comes to mind when you need a boost? Romans 12:21
Any object or person you would like to bring home from your mission? Who I am now
Anyone you would like to hear from? Literally anyone

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