Monday, September 8, 2014

Dog-sitting and the Spirit in Spanish

OH what a week…
God bless this beautiful land of Mexico, New Mexico, but everyone here just pretty much calls it Mexico so I guess I did get to serve a foreign mission!

This week was so cool there was a baptism, not by us, but the Spanish sister missionaries had one here and it was way rad.

So this week we got to dog-sit for our neighbors across the way for an entire week while they were off for her job, and while we were taking care of them we decided to leave a Book of Mormon on their couch as the spirit directed, and low and behold when they got home Sunday night they picked it up and read it. They also appreciated how well we took care of their animals and how much pride we took in our home and things. They then wanted to live like that even more too. As members of the Church we take upon us the name of Christ, and I do not believe that Christ’s house would be a dump, so we need to treat everything that God gives us with respect and love, because people will notice and I mean God gave it to us, He deserves it.

So further with the Spanish baptism, we took Cindy to it. Cindy does not speak a word of Spanish and neither do we. But during the entire thing she was crying and she said she felt the spirit stronger then she had in forever and she knew this is what she needed to do. I think God’s word alone is amazing because no matter what language it’s in, if it is truth, the spirit will be there and the spirit will tell us of truth even if we don’t understand all the words. Truly think about that though, that alone is incredible and proof enough to me that there is a God. God is so incredible I love Him more every day.
This week was a keeper.

Love elder c

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