Monday, September 15, 2014

Pullin cows and finding a phone

Here we are at the end of another transfer so if you wanted to write me a letter this week, Wednesday is the latest absolutely you could send it so I would get it! Also this week is my 14 month mark on my mission, man time is going by so fast it’s unreal man. 

Every week there is something new to love and to learn. I feel like I am becoming more of a man every day, from boy to man in two years is my goal. Service is awesome here too, so many opportunities. Like this week when we pulled dead cows from the dairies. 

My entire mission I have been trying to follow the spirit so much, so I could have one of the stories where I was like knocking a street and that person was praying for us to come and save their life or something like that. And I don’t think I have had one in a long long time, if I have, but I was kind of down trodden this week about it then we met with Kandy:). Kandy just got baptized as you already know, but she never really opened up about the first time we met until we sat down with her the other day. She said that right before Elder Marchant and I knocked on her door, she was at a cross roads in her life. She could pick either path, one that would lead her to worldly happiness and the other that would lead her ultimately to destruction. So she prayed for God to send her a sign. Literally the second she said amen, we knocked on the doorJ. I am so grateful for the Spirit of God. She then explained that, when she saw us she had to hold back tears because she could feel the Spirit of God in us and on us, it was tangible. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is so much different than just merely feeling it. It is a gift that you and other people can literally see. People know when you are a disciple of Christ. They can tell. We are different from the world and let’s keep it that way.

Another story for ya this week! Okay so we were looking for service and our friend runs a business where you go around to all of the dairies and pull the dead cows, put them in a trailer and bring them to the slaughter house for them to make dog food out of. Well this week we were helping him and there was a cow with cancer that we had to put down. But we had to chase it first. So we got into the cattle barn/corral place and chased a 1000 cows down to get that one with cancer cornered. After we got it we killed it, but our friend lost his phone and we were looking everywhere for it. Then I had the idea to pray and they were like “no we don’t need to for something like this”...I prayed anyway and after I prayed I looking up and I saw the phone instantly. Prayer works, even for the little things so never be afraid to pray. Ever, even if you are in the middle of a whole bunch of dead cows and poop don’t be afraid to pray! Can I get an amen!

Haha I love you guys so much, be safe out there in the big bad world. I will just be here kickin in a little town for the next week. Remember who you are and what you stand for. We all want to change the world, let’s do it on step at a time.

love elder c 

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