Monday, April 28, 2014

Apparently I can teach the restoration in dog...

I am…I am a religious man.

So another week has gone by here and it was another week haha, it was so weird and just random and full of stuff but not really full of lessons or people to teach, just a lot of weird encounters haha. I am doing good though and I am healthy and alive and I bike like 35 to 40 miles in a day with yesterday 50 mile-an-hour winds that blew me off my bike, so that was way fun haha, no joke it was actually so rad I like flew like an eagle and I could almost like touch the ground it was holding me up. I have pic to better explain what I am trying to say haha.

Also this week we were knocking a street and we found a lady and on her door she had a sign that said "woof is spoken here" instead of “love is spoken here”, like the normal saying is. So I was like, oh that’s clever haha and I knocked on the door and told her I liked her sign and she looked at me with a weird face and said.....”woof”....and I tried to talk to her and she just kept woofing, so naturally I just started woofing back and we talked by woofing at another and idk what happened, but I gave her a Book of Mormon and idk if she is going to read it or what the heck happened, but apparently I can teach the restoration in dog hahahahahahaha…ya it was awesome.

Also this week we knocked this street by the Walmart down south and there was this guy who said to come back on Friday at six… but we had a bad feeling about going there when we got there, so we left.... Then on Friday it hit the fan…the time we were supposed to go back, we decided not to go and went to the next street over instead to see someone else, cause we had such a bad feeling. Then at the place we were supposed to go across from the Walmart, there was a shooting and a guy killed another guy and took this other guy hostage and ran into the house we were supposed to go see!!! There was a standoff for like six hours until it all finally simmered out. So if we would have been there we might have been hurt or even worse... that’s why I now am a firm believer in following the promptings to leave as well as to go! If you have a bad feeling about something it is the Holy Ghost talking to you, so listen to it intensely and heed what it says because it will save you.

I know that the Lord protected me that day and that He needs me here for a reason, my job here is not done and Texas needs me as much as I need it right now. I am so blessed to be here and so blessed that the Lord is mindful of me and my safety. Thank you for your prayers they are working :) I love you all so much, be safe. Here are some pictures of me this week at a house with a guy who sings on top of his horse it was awesome.

Love Keegster

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