Monday, April 21, 2014

"Defend the faith"...

Hello Hello everyone how are you today!

It is a glorious day, life is looking up and the future is looking bright... hallelujah.

Haha it is getting hotter and hotter here in the beautiful state of Texas and I am sweating rather badly, haha jk, well kinda.

Happy Easter. I decorated my apartment this week and it was fun and full of laughs as we went out with the priests in the ward, kids my same age but still at home, it was kinda cool. I felt young again and we had some marvelous work on the Christ’s day!!.

So this week was full of everything you could imagine and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have learned a lot about myself this week and a lot about what the Lord wants for me and my family! In my life I have always felt like I had the answers, like when I get in trouble and they are getting mad at me, I was always like “I know, I know, I know”. Or when someone was trying to tell me something important, I would always think that I knew best. I come here today to tell you I know nothing. I am so small. And I don't know. But the Lord knows and I know that I cannot be a missionary without His help, I need Him every day.

Another thing that happened this week that really changed my life forever…

We were street contacting people on the side of the road and no one really wanted to talk, but we were still trying. We just got done talking to some thugs and we were walking away when one of them yelled, "Joseph Smith is a liar." Every time before this moment, I had just kept walking and shrug it off and not do anything..... Then the thought came into my head “defend the faith" "defend what you believe in, he would fight for you!” So I stopped, turned around, not knowing what I was going to say. I ran up to them and I bore my testimony on how I....know... that Joseph Smith is a prophet. I was so filled with the spirit that tears started rolling down my eyes and I was so overcome with my love for this work I could not hold back anymore. I was not fighting with them, I was just letting them know that I know this church is true and no man can stop this work.

I am so blessed for what we learned in conference. I know now what I must do to defend what I believe in and defend the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day-saints. I hope all of you will stand up and do the same.

Love Keegan

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