Monday, April 14, 2014

“It’s what it is”...

Gooooood Morning Vietnam!!!

Your right, it’s not the Vietnam War anymore or anything, but seriously it feels like it. It’s not necessarily an actual "war" but it is a spiritual fight every day. Those who think that Satan isn't powerful are most definitely lying to themselves, he is so powerful and cunning we cannot even imagine......BUT we are still stronger cause: 1) we have God on our side and 2) we have a body! yaaaaaaa.

So this week has most definitely been a week. We have biked more than 40 miles a day, which is really so much it is crazy. But here in Texas people live about a mile away from each house and that’s how it goes sometimes. That’s kinda my new saying “it’s what it is”. Cause really there are a lot of things in this world that I cannot change so they are what they are. WE CAN’T let the little things bother us guys, they are little and seriously it’s easy to get mad, but it’s always better to be glad :)

This is Easter week as you might have noticed and I have seen many, many people here focus on Christ’s death…which is a part of it… but our message is that He lives! Because He does! Death is not the end! He proved that when He arose on the third day! He died for us. He took our sins upon him. He paid the ultimate price for us and then He rose again so we all can live again!! How rad is He! I really hope that everyone truly will think about Christ this week leading up to Easter. Cause He is Easter.

Not freaken bunny rabbits and chocolate eggs (which are awesome don’t get me wrong), but the focus should and needs to be on Him.

This week has been a week like I said. But we have 2 more people progressing to the waters of baptism and they are so excited to be making that promise with God. I am so blessed to be here and to display this information to them. I think that people think that being a missionary means we are here to convince you to come to our church, but that’s not it. We can’t force you to do anything. We are here to show you the light and the spirit will do the rest :). He’s a pretty cool guy the spirit.

Well everyone, I love you. I know the church is true and that I am supposed to be a missionary no matter what challenges come my way. Like accidentally bumping my companion and him stepping on a nail so we have to go soooo slow now :) haha its fun. Well I love you all so much. I’m happy I am me still, but an even better man.

Love Keegan


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