Monday, February 3, 2014

God answers in his own time which really sucks sometimes but he does answer...

Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!!!!!!

Okay so this was a good week filled with miracles until the Super Bowl haha, we didn’t get to watch it as you might have guessed and everyone who was watching it did not want to talk to us….and this is Texas mind you so every single person and their dogs were watching it. So I would say that is the day where the least amount of missionary work gets done in the United States of America. And apparently it wasn't even that great of a game so idk what all of the fuss was haha.

This week has been a weird week in Midland too. It has snowed and been foggy most off the week and I was wearing gloves and they froze to my handlebars which was pretty rad haha, but then out of the eye of the storm there was a beautiful sunset. (pic included).

So I have been praying a lot this week. Like a lot a lot. About the man I want to be and my future.... but then it hit me so hard that I shouldn't be wasting my prayers on petty stuff about me, I should be praying for somebody to teach. Anyone, just someone new… so I prayed all week and nothing happened. Not even a single good morning contact. But I knew the Lord would hold his end if I did my part. So on Saturday night it was 8:45 and we need to be in by 9:00 unless we are teaching a lesson. Soo we were getting antsy and then we received a text from Bro Zigler, a way rad guy who served his mission in Australia, saying that he had a friend at his house that was interested in the whole church thing so I’m going to invite y’all over for "cupcakes" and we will see where it goes...So at this point I was giggling like a little girl and biking incredible speeds to get the front door of their apt. When we got there we sat down on the couch and his wife brought us cupcakes while he and his friend were studying for their exam. Then out of nowhere to break the silence this guy is like, “so you guys don’t drink beer”!!! …and we were in :) Haha it was awesome, now we wait and see where it all goes, but it was so awesome that the Lord would do that for us. You know? God answers in his own time which really sucks sometimes but he does answer.

My mish has been a roller-coaster I’m not going to lie, my emotions are all out of whack and I find myself in the fetal position a lot :) but you know when it comes down to it, it’s always worth it. It’s weird to think that I only have 75 weeks left, according to my mom. I can’t even fathom that. The time is just shooting by at times haha.

I’m blessed and I know it. I read my Patriarchal blessing a couple days ago and I was so pumped to see the personal revelation from God to just me. NO one else but me.

Everyone this is the true gospel I know it with everything that I am. I really hope all of you, no matter who you are, will read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is the word of God. And I promise that no matter where you are in your life either the richest person in the world like where I am at, or are just struggling for day to day. It will 100 percent improve your life and even more importantly bless your families lives.... Because there is nothing more important than the family.

I love you all and if you need me I am here.

Love Keegan


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