Monday, February 10, 2014

The story of my fractured elbow...

Hahahahhahahahaha this has been an awesome week, and I am so stoked to be a missionary in Texas. God bless America.

So this week has been so good, we have been able to actually talk to people! The city of Midland has softened their hearts and let us in their doors.
I think that me wearing a brace and sling helps them feel the love a little more :) So many blessings this week, we are teaching 5 new people and we will be attending a baptism Sunday after church:)

I have decided to tell the story of my fractured elbow this week because it has caused so many miracles it’s unbelievable.

It was a cloudy Tuesday around 4 o clock, we were riding our bikes home from a lesson that just got a little heated and we were a little frustrated, and riding our bikes in silence, then out of nowhere, after the thought came into my head "I wonder if angels have wings?", I found myself soaring through the air like a baby eagle who took his first flaps of flight haha. Then this dream came to an abrupt halt when I saw the asphalt beneath me. And the thought went through my head… okay put your hand down? No you will break your wrist? Put my shoulder down? No you could break your neck. So I was like oh ya! The elbow! That is a great idea!.....I was wrong.....Literally all those thoughts went through my I then proceeded to hit the ground with elbow first still thinking this is a good idea…Then I don’t seem to stop there... my body then began to slide like a rag doll for a length of 15 feet, while this was happening, I was gazing into the sky looking at a patch of blue thinking about how this could be the end and that is where I’m going. Then after what seemed like one second, I see my companion standing over the top of me picking me up and putting me on the curb so the traffic doesn't kill me....good guy.....then he brings my bike over...I was confused as he picked me up as to what was going on and why he was being so urgent. So he comes over and said....... in his words..... "Dude that was freaken awesome hahaha" and he is Australian, so in that accent. Then he looks at my arm.....and it goes silent. I look down and see a mass of blood dripping on the ground. Luckily I rolled up the sleeves of my long sleeve shirt. So not too much was on that. We made the decision maybe we should go to the hospital. So we/I was like full of adrenaline, so we were like, I can ride my bike there. So I hopped back on and we began to ride and I wasn't strong enough, so we had to get a ride. The Zone Leaders came and picked us up and we got to the hospital. The first nurse I saw was like wow.....that’s broken. So they took me back and cleaned my wound a little bit and then I had the missionaries give me a blessing...see this is where everything changed. The doctor came in and said, well it’s not broken, but we are sending it to a specialist for more x-rays for fractures. And while me and my comp were sitting there, a young 21 year old nurse came in and we began to talk to her about the gospel of Jesus Christ....this was the weirdest “morning find” (discussion) I have ever had, mainly cause I was drugged up and my shirt was off, so ya haha. But she accepted to take the lessons.... so blessing #1. Later that week I got a call from the specialist saying I have a hairline fracture....that was cool. But he said all I needed was to put it in a sling with a brace on it so I can clean my wounds and such. That was cool he said, God bless you at the end of the conversation. Then later that week we were walking and a guy was like, hey you guys look like you've been hit by bus and your still happy....why? Blessing #2, then we had dinner with a lady who felt bad for us, so she invited us in for dinner with her family and we taught them a lesson..... SO really even though I’m in a lot of pain and stuff, this whole thing has been freaken worth it, no joke. GOD is awesome and I am so blessed to be here haha.

I love y’all, thank you for your prayers and your loving. I love you so much and idk, I know this is true so I have to be here.

Look I can’t do any heavy lifting but if y'all need anything I’m always here:)
Love Keeg

3 pics: my arm, and my comps first snow ball, plus a 7 by 7 rubix cube I solved haha


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