Monday, February 17, 2014

We are making this journey together and we have just hit the 7 month mark...

Here we are everybody, we are making this journey together and we have just hit the 7 month mark. We are almost done and I am sad, but we still have a lot of work to be done so let’s push on!

My arm is healing up nicely....kind of haha. Ya, its coming along and the other day a random lady at a burger place saw I was struggling, so when I got up to go get a drink, she cut my food for me haha. It was kind of weird and I ate it, so ya that was cool haha.

This week has been full of blessing as well as every day of my entire life, it is so crazy how blessed I am!!

So Sister Kym entered the waters of baptism this week after being ex'd and it was one of the coolest feelings of my entire life. I was so blessed to be a part of her journey. She is so strong and I have so much respect for anybody who can do that.

This week we also have been teaching many lessons to many awesome people, we figured out a way to do it! Just talk to people on their smoke break at work!! Because every Texan smokes, and it has been going so good!!!

So I had a cool “morning find” this week too! We saw some other missionaries at a 7-11 so we were going to go mess with them and Elder Clement went inside. But I saw this couple yelling at each other, so the thought came into mind....Wow they really need the gospel… so I went and introduced myself and they ask if I knew any scriptures about friendship? And the other day I had asked a missionary for a scripture on this very same subject!! So I turned to John 15: I think 8, but I read it to them and it says “no man hath a greater friend than this, than he who would lie down his life for his friend”.... Something along those lines and after I read that I asked, “Jessica would you take a bullet for Ronny” and then I asked if Ronny would take one for Jessica, and they both said yes I would, and then I said, “then you have no greater friends than each other”, then they hugged and kissed and started walking away and I was like, “hey, can we stop by your house sometime” and they said we are always welcome. So it’s pretty cool how God gives us something and then we are able to use it later, idk it was cool and I know God put them in my path for a reason.
I am so blessed and I love you all and congratulations to Papa George (friend from Hood River) and his new baby boy haha. I love y’all be safe.

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