Monday, January 6, 2014

I am the luckiest little boy in the entire world and I know that...

Hey Everyone!!! Transfer calls are this week so if you were planning on sending me any letters send them before Wednesday! Idk if I am leaving or not, I just want to be safe you know, better safe than sorry some people say I guess… haha. Well it has been another week in the hood of Amarillo! Pretty crazy stuff has been happening, but I have been asked by the brethren to not share it haha, sorry everyone.

But blessings did happen this week! First off when we were finding people on the street early this week we were talking to a group of kids and they asked if Santa was real. So naturally I said “yes and you know who else is real Jesus Christ” and then their parents came out and were like “hey what are you doing,” and we were like, “talking to your kids about God”, and they were like, “SWEET they need it”, and went back inside. It was awesome. Then we taught them about families and heaven and God, then we are going back to teach the parents this week. I love teaching kids idk, they are so rad haha.

AND ALEX AND AARON GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!! Best night of my life, it was so cool no joke. I was blessed to be able to baptize the 15 year old girl Alex and confirm the 11 year old boy Aaron. They are my family here no joke, they are seriously my little brother and sister! The baptism was so good because of the members! If a missionary is having a baptism everyone should go, like for real, it is such a good experience and for the person being baptized it means the world to them. It was just such a blessing to dress up all in white again and be there for these people that the Lord put in my path! I am honored to be a missionary and so blessed to be where I am in my life. I look around me and see what I could have been, what I might be doing and wow, the Lord has provided haha. I am the luckiest little boy in the entire world and I know that. God bless all of you and remember who you are. Take pictures of your life so you don’t forget a moment.

Love Elder Christensen



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