Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One-fourth of the pie is gone and eaten...

Well it is here, my six month mark. One-fourth of the pie is gone and eaten... the mile runner has just done a lap..... the bear has devoured the legs of a dear......okay that got a little weird haha. Yah, it happened I’m here, it doesn’t feel like six months. I mean six months is a long time and I really am happy that I have been working and that I haven’t been wasting the Lord’s time you know? I’m nowhere near being done. I have to be like the train and keep choo- chooing for the Lord. Thank you everyone for everything you’ve done to help me so far…really idk where I would be without all of you!

I am now in Midland TX, and it is exactly how I imagined it haha. These are probably the nicest houses I’ve ever seen haha and yah, so that is cool. My new companion Elder Tyler Clement is from Perth, Australia, the western half, and he is 100 percent Australian with the accent and everything, it is so sweet!! It kinda makes me feel like I’m "Down Under" on the mission haha. He is super smart and he graduated from high school at 14. And he is an awesome missionary, so I have been blessed.

So this week some interesting things have happened. I have gone from the very Poor to Very Rich areas overnight... It was a bit of a shock.
Idk it seemed to me that if you had more, that you would be more-happy and that you wouldn’t have as many things to complain about or you would at least be more grateful to the Lord for what you have because He has blessed you so much.....It is not the case and it makes me sick. I’ve taught people who literally have absolutely nothing and they are just so thankful to God for everything that they have. They are happy and they are blessed! But I have seen the opposite. How much more need we to be grateful than they? Everyone just truly be grateful for what the Lord God has blessed us with, look at the blessing and not the little things.

Okay so that sounds harsh, but really think about it. I have been so blessed in my life and I took everything I had for granted. I am so ashamed of what I was, but I feel so blessed to have to Lord here helping me. We all have Him with us always if we let Him.

So I am loving my mission and I am loving Texas, I love you all and I am always here for you.

Love elder keegan


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