Monday, January 13, 2014

It’s like I’m an undercover agent for the government...

Hola Familia and amigos how is everyone doing??

Life is a weird thing and being on a mission is even weirder! It’s weird that I am just moving around whenever I receive a phone call… It’s like I’m an undercover agent for the government.

Well, it happened again...My time in the slums of Amarillo East are over and I begin my new trek to Midland 1st N. I’m moving from the poorest area in our mission to the richest area with the best economy in the United States. My teaching method is going to have to change a little bit haha. I’m super stoked though to be back on that bike. My new companion is Elder Klement from Australia!!! So it’s kind of like I went to Australia on my mission. Good day.

This week has been so rad though, besides the fact that I got way sick and had to miss church yesterday as a missionary.....I don’t think that’s good haha, but hey the toilet was calling.

This week was so awesome we met Erica and her son Jaden...We were looking for someone else who used to live there but they didn’t, so she invited us back and we taught her the restoration of the gospel. Which Has Been Restored in it fullness. And she loved it. She had a perfect amount of questions which means she’s legit. Then she invited us Back! BUT that was the day we had Food Poisoning! Elder Anderson stayed home and I went out with the Spanish Elders! BEST LESSON OF MY LIFE. Not really, but it was awesome! The spirit was so strong and everyone was crying near the end when we were testifying, then we committed them to be baptized! Erica and Jaden and even this random lady who was cleaning in the other room but could feel the spirit and she came in and was like, “I would like to as well” haha. Man it was amazing.

Then later that night I was still with the Spanish Elders and we went to a dinner appointment with this less active famillia. It was all in Spanish, but for some reason the Lord has blessed me to be able to understand enough to stay in the conversation. Luckily they understood a little English and my new comps could interpret what I saying to them. But it turned into an amazing lesson. We found out that their son had passed away last year at the age of 14 from a brain tumor... and they blamed God for that....We shared with them the story in Doctrine and Covenants where Joseph sees his brother Alvin in the Celestial Kingdom. And we told them that we know where there son is. And that they have no need to fear!

The knowledge of where our loved ones go when we die is the most comforting thing I think. This gospel is so true...the plan of salvation is so true!

I am blessed to be a missionary at this time....God does love us just sometimes we don’t look for it. I love you guys.

If any of you need me to do anything email me!!! I would do anything for you guys. I love you be safe and stay strong.

Elder Christensen


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