Monday, December 30, 2013

SO life is weird being on your mission for the holidays...

So the question was, “What did I do with my Christmas money that my mom gave me to give to someone who needed it” (or something like that she can explain), but what I did with it was:

So a couple of weeks ago Elder Anderson and I were walking next to the highway on a side road and we saw a father and son picking up cans on the side of the street. So we went up to them and asked them what they were doing. And the little boy was like “WE ARE PLAYING A GAME!” super excitedly, and the dad was acting kind of awkward, so we were like "can we play?" And the little boy was like, "yes, whoever picks up the most cans wins"! So we helped them for a while and then I got talking to the dad. And I was like, wow this is a cool game and he was like, “I wish it was a game. I was laid off from my job earlier this year and I haven’t found one yet, so I don’t have enough money to buy my son a present for Christmas”... and then he started to get a little bit emotional, but he was holding it together. So they invited us back to their apt. and we sat on the one chair they had and we taught them about how families can and will be together forever through Christ’s gospel. And on the way out I gave him the money so he could buy his son a present. We have been meeting with them ever since and I don’t want to say his name because it is very personal. But I know he needed it, so that’s what I did with my Christmas money this year.

SO life is weird being on your mission for the holidays, it was awesome being able to talk to the/my family and loved ones. It really helped me remember why I’m here, so that others can be with their family forever. My New Year’s resolution is to be a better person, it goes more into depth in my mind, but New Year’s resolutions are important so I challenge everyone to make one. Also as New Year’s Eve comes up, everyone remember who you are and not to party too hard....but just enough haha.

I was blessed this week to hear that Michelle in my last area was baptized on Saturday and I am pleased to announce, I will be entering the waters of baptism with Alex and Aaron this Saturday. So pray for everyone and everything to go through. I love you all so much and man I just love life, haha it’s so rad.

Story of the week….Went to a Waffle House...I may be the first missionary to come home from a parasite in the United States. Haha, exactly what you would expect. I love y’all and I am stoked to be here. I will write next week. I am fixin to go to the Cadillac Ranch (a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas) right now so be safe and have a Happy New Year!

Elder C.

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