Monday, December 9, 2013

Just trying to keep things fresh here in Amarillo haha...

Hello....I Love You.....Wont You Tell Me Your Name?

Great song but I found out this week it is not a good way to contact a man on the street working on his car that you just met. Worth it…

Just trying to keep things fresh here in Amarillo haha.

Being on a mission is fun because you are talking to everyone you see and you get to know so many people and I feel like I could say anything to anyone because religion in Texas is probably one of the most touchy subjects ha-ha, it’s awesome.

My new companion Elder Anderson is a nice guy. He is from Rigby Idaho, found out he’s 6'7" 300 pounds. We came out together. He is a huge basketball guy and loved to play/talk about it, so my knowledge of the sport has gone up tenfold. We get along well.

So I have learned a lot in the past couple of days about the Book of Mormon/ Bible. I have had to study that much more because I do most of the talking now.

We haven’t really been able to get out much this week because my companion has been sick or "Bed Ridden" if you will haha, but we still managed to set a baptismal date with Fancy.

She was just walking her dog and I felt compelled by the spirit to open with inviting her to be baptized.....Mind you, I would never do this every time, because that is crazy, but for some reason Fancy needed it. So my message this week is to follow the spirit, even when it maybe super weird or lead you into an uncomfortable situation! It will never lead you away.

And always try to feel the spirit, it just makes you feel good, like I can’t explain it, but the scriptures can in Galatians, look it up.

I love yall it’s been fun, sorry this week was kinda unfruitful, but we found Fancy.

Love, Elder C.

Here are some pics of me with a shaved the last one our windows froze shut instantly haha, it got to -15 degrees with wind chill this week, it wouldn’t be that bad if the wind wasn’t blowing so much, but since it is, it is impossible on the bike haha.


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