Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I wish I were like one of those Buddhist monks...

Brycen(Lee) and Jesse(Saltzgiver) are companions that is weird hahahaha. I know both of them really well. Elder Lemmon and I are in the same district and we hang out all the time (he went to Woods Cross too) that's awesome.

Yes mom, I'm taking my medicine haha, but I am still way tired from working always and never stopping. No joke, we come home for a quick pit stop for a half hour for lunch and dinner, then we are off. I love it.....

This week has been a good week for teaching not going to lie. Working hard pays off. And I figured it out, when there are people who want to bash with you and want to shake your faith, all you do is bear your testimony. A testimony is yours, no one else’s. It’s tangible. It might be little, but like it says in Alma 32 that a small seed of faith can grow. And even that small seed can move mountains. It’s pretty cool.

We are teaching this guy this week and he is this sixty year old guy and everyone around him is running his life for him. He hasn't made a decision for himself in years. And when we came over he's like, I'm am sick of people telling me what to do, I hate it. And we just calmly said, this is your choice, we are here for you every step of the way, but this is your decision and the spirit came in the room and he started crying and now he greets us with a smile:)

Also we're teaching a few other characters that I will tell you more about at a later date, but it has been sweet.

I saw a road runner this week and an armadillo. It blew my mind because I saw it get hit by a car and it exploded and the skin and blood got all on the side of our car, it was crazy awesome haha.

I've had a lot of time to think since I've been here. I never realized how little I really thought about things before my mission, I just kinda did it. I would just do haha and it’s good to think, about everything. Seriously everything. Why not? I know I'm just an eighteen year old kid, but sometimes I wish I were like one of those Buddhist monks that are like a 150 and live in the hill. That would be cool.

They said that it should start to cool off down here which is good, but it also stinks because we won't look as sweaty when we walk up to the door and people won't want to invite us in so we can get out of the heat which is our main way of talking to people.

I smell bad.

Oh ya you know Eldorado? Where that FLDS compound is, where that like Warren Jeffs guy was? That is in my area so we went by the compound on p-day and it was seriously so creepy. You can't get that close because there is this huge gate and these cameras that follow you where ever you move, it is so scary, it’s like a scary movie! And when your there it’s just a bad feeling haha, so ya the church is true I promise that.

I want anyone who is struggling with anything to receive a priesthood blessing. That is my challenge. I've seen so many out here work miracles and literally cast evil spirits out. I testify that it will bring you that peace and comfort you are looking for. I love you all, be safe and I will keep you in my prayers.

Much love, Elder Christensen

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