Monday, September 16, 2013

I wish I was more threatening...

I’m in the zone this week everyone. I don’t know what it means but I’m in it.

Yah, my bike can be fixed luckily and the guy at the bike shop is this dude from Australia and he loves the missionaries so he is fixing me up nice and easy. It is pretty cool this week we have got a lot of walking in again… and no further bike wrecks, but I borrow Elder Palomos bike for a little bit and it is ten years old and it has been in the mission for ten years the back brakes don’t work and it doesn’t shift gears, but it is a blessing sent from heaven no joke.

Am I eating healthy? Yes, but the amount of food I am consuming makes that mean nothing. I’ve been to five BBQs this week and eaten and eaten and eaten. No joke the food that I am consuming is starting to outweigh all of the bike riding I’m doing. Brisket is just so good and everyone always has extra. And since I’m bigger then both my companions they assume I can eat a lot more. And boy were they right, holy crap I never stop, it’s like a train, I am the food tank of San Angelo. I’m disgusting; I can feel my arteries clogging one by one. But yet it is beautiful.

So this week in San Ang was cool. San Angelo State was number 2 on ESPN top ten because the football player hurdled another player on the other team so people were going crazy at this week’s game. But really people care about the Dallas Cowboys more than anything. When we were out knocking the other night, we got yelled at thirty times because the game was on and they were playing the Red Skins.

And then the cowboys lost. No joke, I have never seen more grown men was almost poetic in a way.

We would relate the loss to them having hard times and how they can resort to prayer to help them and we got a lot of success out of that. So that was nice.

Nothing really crazy happened this week I’m sorry everyone.

But we did get David to come out of his house. Which he hasn’t left his home in over fifteen years, so yah, we got him to walk over to the church when no one was there and we had a lesson and he cried and we cried and we all lived happily ever after :)

Wendy didn’t come to church. I yelled at her and she laughed and said it was cute.... I wish I was more threatening...

A few tips from what I’ve learned, stay in school, brush your teeth and don’t do drugs.

I was thinking of a spiritual thought for this week and it wasn’t coming. But this week people have been giving me a lot of anti-doctrine and saying I need to study this religion before I get so involved in it. So I put it to the test, every piece of anti-Mormon doctrine there is an answer for and I am making it a point to find out those answers. There are literally no loose ends if you search for it, so if you have a question, I challenge you to study it.

This is Christ’s Church, Joseph Smith was a true prophet who restored the church for these latter-days. Men are not perfect. But God is. So don’t take man’s word for it. Take God’s word. Pray pray pray. It is awesome, He will give you answers. If any of you lack wisdom, let him as of God. Boom that is true. I love all of you, sorry I don’t have anything to say.

Stay strong. Elder Christensen

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