Monday, September 9, 2013

Life without love, is death...

Transfer calls are in! And there are too many people in the Lubbock Texas Mission, so they are sending me to Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!

Na, I'm just joshin ya, I'm staying here haha. So are both of my comps for another six weeks at least, it is the opposite of madness!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s still way hot here, like upper 90s to 110 every day, so I don't need a coat for a while, but I may need one apparently some areas get cold. I am excited to be cold I have forgotten what it feels like, it is sad.

So this week started off the slowest week of my life. Then it took a sudden turn for the best week ever, no joke. People were haten' at the beginning and bringing us down, then on Thursday night we were riding our bikes by the football stadium and there was a game going on and everyone was there. Everyone... and there was this girl in college all painted up and dancing around. Then she saw us. This is a direct quote from her mouth. "Hey look, it’s the missionaries, cool" then gave us all high fives. Let me break this beautiful sentence down for y'all out there. 1) "Hey", she said hello to us first, with a smile 2) she called us "the missionaries", not satan worshippers, polygamists, or Mormons, 3) "cool", that was so cool she was happy to see us. It goes to show how much one little happy hello can do for a person. I will never take that for granted again.

Then the next day I was riding my bike down the road and all of the sudden my whole peddle thing fell off and I go flying into the middle of the street almost dying it was awesome, biggest rush of the mission haha. But now we are without bikes. So we are now given the gift of our own two feet and we get to walk/run to every appointment... God bless Texas. But because of this gift we got to eat at three different BBQs yesterday. We didn't teach very much, because everyone was plastered, but we didn't want to be rude, so we had to eat haha. I didn't know what true BBQ was... I'm blessed haha.

Then Saturday we got transfer calls and it was like Christmas waiting for the phone to ring, haha no joke, it seriously was crazy everyone was jumping around and stuff.

Then yesterday was the best, we had three investigators at church and all of them cried! Good tears.

So we are teaching this girl named Wendy, she is 41 and seriously the coolest sweetest person on the planet and is trying to turn her life around from her past. I have a testimony that talks in church are seriously inspired so listen to them. Every one. I promise you won’t be let down.

K, so this week we were having a lesson at Wendy’s house and a little background (her best friend is a stripper and she leaves her daughter at Wendy's all the time, but she is seriously so nice and so cool, and so is her daughter and they are all taking the lessons with Wendy so that’s cool) but Wendy lives in these way bad apartments with a ton of bad people and a meth lab upstairs. So we were teaching a lesson and the person knocks on the door and we open it and the person just drops to the floor and everyone starts screaming hahahahaha, it was so funny it was like I was in a movie. The person was just way screwed up. Anyway. Wendy is the best, she is being the example to all of her friends and making new friends and I love her and she is getting baptized next week. I wish everyone we talked to was like Wendy haha.

Also Wendy's friend's daughter loves me and she is one years old, so when Wendy had to take her to church, I had to hold her so she wouldn't cry or fuss. Made my week haha I'm so pumped to be a dad.

The ward loves us now and it is so cool! They even gave me a nickname because the other day I was sick and passed out on the floor when a member came in and I was wearing my Superman robe. And he said, I didn’t know Superman got sick! Then I got to church on Sunday and they introduced me as Elder Superman over the pulpit so everyone calls me Elder Superman... I'm jumping with joy. This has been a good week.

So my message to you this week is... life without love, is death....take it in.

Love always, stay strong.

Love, Elder Christensen


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