Monday, September 23, 2013

This was just a spiritual week and it was cool...

Hola from Texas,

No, I haven't had an interview with the president yet, haha he doesn't come this far into outer darkness, jk, but yah, he hasn't had an encounter with anyone in our zone for a while. I guess we are the rebels of the group or something. I think I forgot what he looked like I’m not going to lie haha.

Nope we can’t ride bikes anymore because Elder Ashton hurt his hip!!!! So we are now a walking / get a ride area. Yah, he has to use a crutch everywhere, it is pretty cool. People look at us and feel sorry for us now and are like what can we do to help you. Everyone in our ward thinks I beat him up though, haha it’s awesome. Really he just crashed his bike and cried...

So this week was also awesome because we got to go see Angelo State play! Curtis our big black sheriff investigator took us to it and it was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. There were so many people there and it was the best game I have ever seen and we were talking to Curtis after and he was like you know, y’all are just guys, like you are people, but better than people you know. And we were like okay where is he going with this. And he was like you know I might look into getting baptized. So we are people, but we're not people, everyone remember that, we are not just people, we are literal examples of Jesus Christ. People can see it and they want it.

So this week was awesome. We got a lot of stuff done. WENDY GOT BAPTISED Yesterday. Haha she is so cool.

So this week we had a feeling like we had to have her baptized on Sunday, so we prayed and the Lord thought so too. So we taught her everything and she has been clean for like a month and half now and we were going over the baptismal questions with her and she was like, "I want Christensen to baptize me" and we were like okay. So I got to baptize Wendy Michelle Harris...... it was a feeling that you can’t describe. As she came up from being submerged you could just see her glow. She was smiling and crying and so was I. I cried like a little girl. Then we gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost and that was even cooler, you could feel it go into her. I’m not even joking it was the coolest feeling I’ve ever felt. Then after the baptism I started thinking about the baptismal prayer.

Wendy Michelle Harris, Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ.......then I stopped and I thought how cool that sentence really was. I’ve been given the gift to work in Christ’s name on this earth. He has given me permission, I have the authority. It is the most empowering feeling in the entire world. The same power that Christ had is on the earth today......think about it.

My challenge this week is for y’all to gain a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and all the prophets but especially him. Pray about it and read the Book of Mormon. Like it says in the Bible, ye shall know a prophet by his fruits. So gain that testimony of him and you will never waver. I know that this is true I’ve seen too much, I’ve studied too much, I’ve felt so much that there is no doubt in my mind. Other religions are good they are even great but, they are missing. the authority, the priesthood authority. I love y’all.

This was just a spiritual week and it was cool.
Elder Christensen


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  1. Tears! How sweet, when she said she wanted Christensen to baptize her. Oh, how amazing!