Monday, August 26, 2013

I bring the rain where ever I go...

Here we go,

Yes, I do see the other missionaries from San Angelo almost every night haha, they live right next to us in the apartment complex and they are seriously some of the coolest guys in the mission. And on p-day and stuff all the missionaries come over and we play scum. Which I taught everyone, and I feel like a superhero.

And yes almost my entire mission is in a tripanionship which idk how I feel about it. I fell like it is kinda overwhelming to investigators but that is just me I guess.

My apartment is a one bedroom, one bathroom that is so small it is not even funny haha. Our bedroom is so small that our beds almost touch, so it’s like we are sleeping next to each other and it is weird. It is really weird. And I am in the middle sooo it is just a party.

So it is week five here in San Angelo, Texxas. I put the two xx's on accident but I feel like it needs two.

This week has been a week; we were kinda able to go on the college campus a little this week which I had high hopes for. I was going to talk to people my own age and have a good time! Nope, haha on campus we are like the nerdy kids who no one really wants to talk too, but usually with those kids the parents at least want the kids to like them... not in San Angelo haha, even the parents don’t like us. Haha this week there has only been one truly kind person to us and that was this guy who drove by in a truck and said you rock. I smiled the rest of the day haha.

Before my mission I think I would have been super mad at these people who keep tearing us down, but now it just makes me sad for them. Their hearts are so closed off to even furthering their understanding about Christ.

And it sucks because people that don't even know me hate me and everything about me haha, oh well it is awesome haha.

So things that were awesome about my week...

We totally got to eat at this restaurant Zetners Daughters, voted best steak house in San Angelo and maybe West Texas haha. We were street contacting and we found this guy watering his plants and he was like I want to feed yall, come by my restaurant at 2, so we did and he fed us over 70 dollars worth of steak and various items. Then he gave us a tour and it seriously was so amazing it blew my mind. Then later that day we picked up Curtis and he took us out to dinner...guess where? Zetners Daughters so I ate over 4 pounds of meat/ steak in two meals it was beautiful.

It has also rained here like 5 times and apparently that is like a record or something so I bring the rain where ever I go. It was crazy though, when it rains here it floods the streets so the cars have to go really slow and the water is super high. And being on a bike makes things a little difficult so in this flash flood situation we tried to seek refuge in the mall. As we are about 100 yards away lightning strikes the light post 50 feet from us. (many prayers were said at this point in the day).

I never could have guessed how much people actually love football. They worship it. It is crazy there was like a scrimmage on Friday and the entire town went out to it, painted up and ready to go haha.

Also I felt the spirit this week during a lesson stronger than I ever had in my entire life. We were reading 3 Nephi 11 with a man named David and we got to the end of the chapter, a few verses from the end, and it says something along the lines of... if you except this gospel then Satan will have no power over you.... it felt as if the room had been lifted into another world. The light of Christ was there so strong that it was tangible. It blew my mind haha.

Well another week done and a few more to go. I hope that I will find those people who need me.

We are all for some reason exactly where we need to be at this moment in our lives, in this exact spot, I know this for a fact. Christ has put people in our path that we need to see. So see those people.

Stay sweet. Keegan



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