Monday, August 19, 2013

Male Missionaries do work...

Hey everyone this is my weekly contact with the real world so I need to make it special haha.

This week has been a week.

Yes, tons of people have finally started having us for dinner it is sweet. Because when we first arrived here in San Angelo the ward hated the male missionaries because the ones before us did nothing but sleep all day and didn't work. So we came in and everyone was like, okay male missionaries don't work. We quickly put that thought to rest. People are different down here I'm not going to lie.

Both of my comps are from Utah. Elder Ashton is from Salt Lake and Elder Morgan is from Orem so we are all really close and everyone we talk to never lets us live it down. They all think the only reason we are out here is because we live in Utah and we are like BOOM, no way man, and we just testify the crap out of them and they are like "touché" haha that’s how most of our lessons go.

So I assumed when I got here that I would gain ton of weight...nope I've lost a ton haha

I find myself praying a lot when I'm out here. And my prayers used to be all about me and asking Heavenly Father to help do this for me and I wasn't getting anything…but then something changed and I realized how stupid I was and after I changed my prayers and started thinking about others the miracles started coming. So I challenge you to pray for others tomorrow, don't even mention yourself once and trust me you will be so much more blessed. It sounds selfish but it’s not haha

So Edgar, the Navy Seal that I have been teaching got called into duty this week... I was livid, he was doing so well and the spirit was changing him so much. He already read the Book of Mormon and then they showed up at his door and were like, lets go. But he sent us a sweet message the other day and we all cried...metaphorically speaking.

So this week we were working with less active members a lot because there are a few hundred in San Angelo. And we went to James Fitzgerald. He was a college football star who played for Texas Tech. He walked on as a freshman after never playing football before haha. But we were getting really close and then we went by his apt one day and his land lady said that he was in the hospital and they took him away about an hour ago. So we biked as fast as we could over there and we went to the ER or the ICU and he was laying there and they are like, it’s not looking good for him. He had had two seizures and bitten part of his tongue off. So we felt the need to give him a blessing.... I am proud to say he is home and well now and I know with every fiber of my being that that is the work of the Lord so it’s pretty cool.

Anyway I am blessed to have all of you in my life. I pray for you daily, so ya haha. Sometime I feel like Mormon Chapter eight, where Moroni is alone after everyone is gone. Then I get a letter or something and it makes my day so thank you! I love you all, stay strong. Remember who you are and what you stand for. And remember you are in someone's life for a reason.

Don’t be afraid to be the light. Keegan

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