Monday, August 12, 2013

The world down here is a different place...

Well here we are week three. Ya I know it’s been three whole weeks and only 101 to go haha ya its cool.

Yes I did get my suitcase and it was a beautiful day in the home. The lady from American Airlines called me for like an hour and we talked about life and religion and how she thinks it’s crazy to serve two years. Anyway she said she would go to church and meet with the missionaries to see what we are all about haha she was sweet. And I am happy to say there was nothing missing from that beautiful leather bag. Nope I didn't get a box from you, mom I wish I did that would have been cool....

Oh my tripanionship is going well. I like my trainer Elder Ashton he is sick haha and Elder Morgan has lived in a bubble his entire life so he seriously is like a baby it is cute.

Dad got to work with Neon Trees? That is seriously the coolest thing I have ever heard he should have had them autograph something haha.

Okay so this week’s story begins at Lynn’s. We decided to go contacting in these apartments that were just kinda off to the side that no one has really ever paid attention too. So we were stoked. We go in and the first person we see is this 56 year old lady with no teeth. And there is where the magic began. She has had a hard life but she has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and she is going to get baptized.

It has gotten pretty rough here over the last little bit. I had no idea that the KKK and White Supremicists were still around, but man they are everywhere it is kinda scary. Skin heads on like every street and its crazy. The world down here is a different place.

This week I learned how to do a wheely and ride it for like a mile that was pretty cool. Also I have been teaching my comps card games and I keep losing so I get pretty livid. haha There are a lot of dead animals on the side of the road...

So we have four baptism dates right now and like six new investigators and all of them but Lynn are black it is so cool.

Everyone be a light in the world. Reach out seriously share the church with everyone you can because it will make life better. The gospel is something solid. It is a foundation for the rest of your life and if you have the most solid foundation possible you can do anything.

Everyone in Texas has a gun, and they all love Mitt Romney that is seriously what everyone has in common.

This week has been different, I don’t really know what to write, I'm sorry. It has been hot and sweaty. It’s been so sweaty that I can't wear grey pants because you just see sweat. It is delicious.

Well everyone read first Nephi because he has more faith then anything and if we are more like Nephi the world will be a perfect place. I love you all, be safe, be strong, remember who you are and what you stand for.

Elder Keegan

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