Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the Gift!

We did it, we are still here, we are all still here, and you can take that to the Bank!

 Everyone it is now Christmas season and we can listen to Christmas music! But as a missionary I can only listen to a few things, so I have been listening to Christmas music since literally the first hour I got into the mission field in the middle of July, so it’s awesome, plus it’s still like 70 degrees here and sunny so it doesn't feel quite like Christmas yet, but I bought some eggnog this week just for kicks and giggles haha.

Oh ya, and there is like this 50 foot teddy bear at the mall and me and Elder Severson played on it last p-day it was so rad. And while we did it, this preacher from the black Baptist church in town came up to us, and was like “are you guys ministers”? And we were like ya? And he was like, “God bless you gentleman, thank you for showing the world you can still have fun and follow our Lord and Savior! PRAISE JESUS!” And he gave us a fist pump and did a cool little step as he walked away haha.

So rad thing this week was that our mission president called an emergency zone meeting and he showed us the “He is the Gift” video! It seriously gets me pumped up for this season and what it really is about. I really have never been so stoked for Christmas in my life and now we are just talking to people about Christ and his birth, sharing the account from the Book of Mormon and it is working so well, it’s changing the world! If you haven't seen it, go see it. It’s called “he is the gift” and it’s at

Oh ya and Thanksgiving was so rad. We started out the day with a good old turkey bowl with all of the military....if I didn't mention it before, this is a military ward and everyone is like 20-30 and super jacked its crazy cool haha. But that was so fun, 2-hand touch with a bunch of military people gets pretty intense! I’m not gonna say I won the game, but I think we are all winners for trying haha and dinner was so good! It’s weird there are only 2 days a year you aren’t supposed to like "work" as missionaries and Thanksgiving was one of them, so we just ate and ate and ate. I gained like 5 pounds it was sweet. But not too many spiritual experiences sadly :(

Such a good week out here in the mission, we had some more investigators at church this week and the work is going forward so much it’s unreal. We are changing the world. All of us and we can see it if we open our eyes!

Love, Elder C.

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