Monday, December 29, 2014

"Dark Year" down and hanging with the Holy Ghost...

Christmas Down -Time for a new year…
Christmas is the weirdest time to be a missionary hands down. I seriously have no idea how I am supposed to feel or how I actually feel. It is rad and all that I am a missionary and it is rad that I get to talk to my fam bam in person, but for some reason it is super weird to have a mix of the two. Haha I think that the only time that will be okay is if me and my future wife go on a mission somewhere.

But ya Christmas was so awesome, I took a ton of pictures but left my camera at home so I will have to send them next week. I promise.

So this is the end of my "Dark Year" as some missionaries call it. The one year I had in my life where I was able to be a missionary 100% of the time. And my report on this last year....this last year has changed me more than any other year I have lived on planet earth. I am still me... but I just feel like I am a better me if that makes sense. I would not trade this last year for anything haha, but as 2015 comes around the corner and I finish this year I have to say I have no regrets. I am completely happy where I am right now which is incredible. I truly believe that is because of the Holy Ghost. The companionship of the Holy Ghost is the highest level or highest degree of happiness we can find in this life because we are not literally in God’s presence yet. And this year I have had the Holy Ghost with me every single day. It really has changed my perspective on life in general. So I challenge all of you to do a couple things. One is to strive to have the Holy Ghost with you all the time and see what difference it makes in your next year.

Okay and for the year twenty-fifteen I have kind of set some goals myself. 2 things I can do to help hasten the work of Christ and something I am going to give up completely this year. Also 1 goal of something personal I can do that I have always wanted too. And 5 things to strengthen my testimony life. Not too hard of goals. But all in all, if all of your goals fall through the floor and you are left dangling there all alone…all I can really say is I hope that next year I am better than I was this year. I don't know how but that is my goal.

I love you guys be safe.

love elder keegan

Some Skype call comments:

At the Mission Christmas Party he and his companion performed some numbers for the group. One was "Find the Girl" instead of "Kiss the Girl" (The Little Morning-Find instead of The Little Mermaid) and another parody on "Reindeer are better than People". He said everyone thinks he and his companion look alike and they both remind people of Zac Efron, so they do a parody of him too. He said the missionaries enjoyed it and laughed and even the Mission President was okay with it.

On p-days they play basketball at a gym or sometimes go to Bath and Body and smell the lotions :-). 

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