Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Playing Fugitive to find those hard to find...

I have found my way home. San Angelo what a place. I am currently writing you this email in the very same library, at the exact same computer that I sent my very first email in the mission field. It feels kinda weird, but cool at the same time to see the person I have become in the last year and quarter. It is everything that I remembered it to be and everything I could imagine it to be. My new companion is Elder Severson from Riverton, Utah. He is cool.

It was terrible saying goodbye to Portales and all of the love there and its weird like not knowing where I am at all times. In Portales it’s so small that I always knew where I was. In San Angelo it is so big I feel claustrophobic, which is ridiculous because I come from a city that is ten times this size. But I am trippin haha.

When I arrived here in San Angelo we had no one we were teaching and no potential which is pretty normal for here, haha it’s good to be home, but we went so hard this week. To make finding more fun Elder Severson came up with the coolest way. So there is no one outside ever in West Texas and that is a fact, so we play fugitive. We drive around till we see someone outside and when we see them we hurry and hide the car and run out till we catch the person haha. Its sweet they have no idea what’s coming. But it works so much more. We talk to 10 times as many people a day. Its rad. We also listen to Frozen and Hannah Montana to get pumped up for it haha. It’s sweet. And from doing that, we have started teaching 4 new people including a lady who just got out of prison after like 30 years and she is so ready to hear the gospel and come to church it is a blessing. So it’s okay to have fun and be a missionary. God will bless you. It’s how it’s supposed to be :). But ya, just be yourself.

Well that's pretty much the life down here right now. I have a few pics this week for a small email, but I was just kinda getting in the groove of things down here in the south. I have gone from the Wild West with cool cowboys and sweet loving people, back to the very middle of Texas in the South. I love a challenge.

Be safe out there, remember who you are and what you stand for…
Love elder keeg



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