Monday, November 17, 2014

A week of "healing"...

2/3rds of the way there and living on a prayer.
It has finally hit the fan, I am officially in the last 3rd of the race and I am freaken out.

So this week me and Dr. Elder Severson hit San Angelo with some force. No joke, so this area hasn't even seen a new investigator in like 8 months now and we are making this place come alive once again. Cause we are men of God.

We also build a ramp this week which was sweet, so I can now add that to the list of things I have built on my mission. I really think I am going to build my own house when I get home that would be rad.

So this week something spiritual that happened…We had Zone conference this week and our mission president talked a lot about healing in the scriptures. So I really dug into that in the four gospels and I got a lot of cool insight about it. If anyone wants to hear about it send me a letter and I will tell you haha, but we realized that we are sent here on missions not only to teach and to preach, but also to use the principles that we know and to heal those whom we teach. So this week we used that. We prayed not to find people for us to teach and to share our message with, but to send us people who He wants us to heal. Send us to His children who truly need us and need to feel His loving hand. So we set out and we found 6 new people who needed to be healed, whether it be from a break up, drug addiction, or even spiritually broken. The Lord sent us to those people who needed us. And I learned so much about the healing power of our message man. No matter who you are or what you are going through this doctrine of Christ can save and heal you. I didn't really know that I was broken.....Until I knew how to fix myself. So it was a really rad week.

Oh ya, and some people let us do service for them by cleaning off their fans but they said we had to wear costumes so this is what we came up with (see photo) haha.

Love you guys be safe out there.

love elder c

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