Monday, October 27, 2014

Taking "flirt to convert" to a whole new level....

We are Unstoppable! We will not be defeated! We are unstoppable, we do not need a reason! So life life life…one more week as a missionary, one more week of sheer beauty and freedom in the country of the restoration.  This is the last week of the transfer again so if anyone at all was planning on sending me a letter Wednesday would be the last day to send it :)

So this week I realized that God misses us so much more than we truly miss Him. For God has an ultimate knowledge of everything and that means that He knows us perfectly, He remembers raising us, helping us grow in the pre-mortal life. He is our father and He loved us to the full extent. How hard must it be for Him that we cannot remember Him. It’s kinda like a way greater version of the movie “The Vow”. He must be doing everything He can to help us remember Him. He must be cheering us on and giving us little pep talks here and there. I know in His eyes we are only gone from His presence for seconds but those few seconds could literally change everything. Just take a minute to ponder how much your Father in Heaven truly truly knows you and loves you. I thought that was a pretty rad concept.

So this week I went home to a small town of Muleshoe, Texas. It is like 5000 people and it is so rad haha. So when I went there the missionaries had already talked to everyone in town at least ten times and no one was budging, so we decided to work at an old folk’s home for a little while to help build support in the community and it was so rad. We gave them all their meals and they all came into the cafeteria and sat with their “clicks”. They are so cute, they are literally like high-schoolers in their clicks, it was so fun haha. As we were cleaning up the tables a few older ladies behind me were talking about me very provocatively as I wiped down the table, so I turned around and said, “excuse me ladies, I am a missionary”, and they all started giggling. Then I sat down and told them about the plan of salvation and how they could all be saved and they weren’t too interested, but they agreed to let the other missionaries in the area to start teaching them. I think I have taken "flirt to convert" to a whole new level haha.

And I would also like to give a shout out to my friend RayMike he has been so rad here in Portales, he comes out with us almost every day. He is a convert of a couple years and he has changed my life. I am livid I haven’t mentioned him yet in these letters, but your welcome buddy haha.

Everyone remember to take it easy out there, I took a lot of really good pictures this week but my card won’t put them on the computer so I guess it’s not going to work, sorry ladies and gents. But the show must go on. Pray for a miracle and you will receive. All right I have to go, but I love ya.

Love elder c.

(P.S. RayMike provided the miracle, he texted these photos to Keegan’s mom from a p-day shopping trip to Clovis earlier in the week….sort of like the lost 116 pages?! Thanks!!)

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