Monday, August 18, 2014

Kandy joined the team!

One more for the record books!
Kandy Lee Staten after getting hitched to Justin Ray Ballard/Staten, has now entered into the waters of baptism and is a part of the team! More on that in a little bit.

So this week I got Elder Hammond as my comp. He has been out for a long long time and is from Salt Lake City Utah, not too far away from home. He is like 6 foot 6 and a really nice guy. We are loving it here. He agrees that Portales, New Mexico is the Zion of the mission, so I am pretty blessed to be here not going to lie.

 Also I hit my 13 month mark yesterday which is weird. I will be home in only 11 months so everyone be getting ready! Haha

Something cool that happened this week that was rad was I was getting my hair cut by Kendra, one of the coolest people in the world and she asked me, “are you the youngest child?”, and I said, “yes, how could you tell?” And she was like because you are always happy and you always think everything is going to work out the way it needs to.... I thought for a minute and I didn’t know what to say haha. I don’t think that is because I’m a youngest child. I think that everything is going to be okay. I know it’s because I have faith in God. My entire testimony is faith, everything I am is faith. I literally would not be on a mission without faith. So no matter what you’re going through right now no matter who you are just have faith that God will tell you what to do and have enough faith to act upon your answer.

Okay, so so cool with Kandy this week. Kandy has been waiting to be baptized for so long now... She truly knows the commitment she making and she is so grateful for Jesus Christ she is so awesome. I have learned so much from her. But Kandy is kind of a shy girl and she doesn’t like getting up in front of people, so her baptism she was really nervous. But when we opened up the doors to the fount and watched her walk down all of her fear went away. She was happier then she has ever been. Then she went under the water and when she came back up she was crying. She had finally done what she has been waiting her whole life for. She stood there in front of God and the world and wept because she was blessed enough to be baptized. 

Let none of us take our baptism for granted, it is one of the most important ordinances performed on this earth. And I am blessed enough, trusted enough by our Father in Heaven to find these souls and to help them get to this spot in their life. I am really beginning to feel the weight of the calling of a missionary. I am so glad I am here. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know I have bad days and I get to really low points, but I know that is because I can only go higher.

Rock on world…I love ya… 
Love Elder C


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