Monday, June 9, 2014

Trying to teach up a storm....literally!

Hello everyone one how is everything going? This has been one of the most intense weeks of my entire life… filled with love, music, tragedy and even a heart-throbbing tale about how two missionaries survived a tornado. Haha, but we will get there on step at a time. Haha, we are trying to teach up a storm here, but all of our daily efforts have caused a storm literally.

So my story begins at 6:00 Saturday, we were driving to our appointment with Israel, when we receive a call from our infamous district leader Elder Craigen saying there is a tornado watch so we should probably head in for the night, so naturally we decide to head in because we didn’t want to be caught in a tornado. But on the way we stopped and made sure all of our investigators are okay and they know what is going on haha, luckily they had all received an alert text saying to get inside, then we got home we then packed or bags and began to wait for the perfect storm. As we were outside admiring the beautiful sky and all of the lightning, I then saw a faint image in the distance of a funnel cloud coming down from the sky and it touching down and then a few seconds later it then breaking up and disappearing. Needless to say it was crazy, so Elder Marchant and I became men and went under the house into our storm shelter to then wait it out for the night. We came to find all of the black widows friends that we caught last week and they were not too happy to see us haha, but it was awesome so we waited in the cellar of doom for a few hours, watched for the storm to pass and crawled out of our hole and we were safe.

So it was kind of an anti-climactic story, but I saw a tornado this week and the after math was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. While I was looking at the sky and the clouds and the sun looking through it all during the storm, I was taken-back by the beauty of God’s creations. In New Mexico nothing is really pretty, but when I looked up at the sky I was taken to another place. I was thinking how there is a God, there has to be, that can’t just happen. I know there is a God and that He loves us, because even when we think we won’t make it through the day,  when life is looking so ugly for the longest time, He gives us something beautiful. He gives us that little glimmer of light that we need. With so much chaos and destruction around us, with the world turning up side down, with all the hate and all the pain with everything that ever gets us down…God will eventually give us all something beautiful, something to keep us going, He will open our eyes and our hearts. We just have to be patient. We just have to endure as a good soldier of Christ, and God will give us the greatest gift, we can’t even imagine, we can’t even fathom… eternal exaltation in the kingdom of God where we get to rest from the hard day’s work, where we get to feel the love. So remember even in the darkest hour God will stand by you :) and if you need any more help you can lean on me. Because we are unstoppable…. we have the power and the light to overcome the darkness! I love us.

Love, elder keegan

A few of Keegan's answers from Question Letter #3:

What is the nicest thing a comp has done for you?
 He told me I was a hard worker when we were falling asleep.
Is there anything you would change about your 1st year so far? 
I would not change anything about my life so far.
Rank order the best 3 things about a mission:
1) Missionary work 2) Endless sky 3) BBQ (I wish :-) haha we're not allowed)
Who would play you as a missionary in the movie of your life? 
Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Ryan Gosling or James Dean
What do you never want to forget from your mission?
 Who God has made me

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