Monday, June 30, 2014

Cutting down a giant tree and baptizing one of my best friends...Jesus

This week has been so revolutionary my life is changed forever. This week I got to cut down a giant tree and I also got to baptize one of my best friends Jesus N. (I thought I would throw in the last name so no one got confused or anything).

Jesus N. has been one of the greatest examples in my life. He used to be mixed up in a lot of rough things and leading a life that was not for God, but for himself. But his whole life changed when he saw his baby daughter Aneya. He realized that he needed to change his life; he needed to be the example he needed to be. He then began to apply Christ’s atonement in his life and start to become the man he needed to be. Jesus began to prepare for baptism and took all of the steps he needed to take, leaving everything behind and start over and be new again. 

I was getting his clothes ready for him to be baptized in. I got him a nice white shirt and tie with white slacks so he wouldn’t have to wear the jump suit. When we told Jesus Najera the plan he immediately stopped us and said he was going to wear the jump suit. I was a little taken back by this, so I asked him why? He then began to say that in his life he had made some mistakes and had to wear a jump suit for a few years every single day. So he said, he wants this one to be the last one he ever wears (besides in the temple) to symbolize that he is never going back to that life.

Then on Saturday I was able to baptize Jesus. After he was baptized we went and got changed and I asked him how do you feel? And he said "I am a changed man." Christ truly does change our lives, he changes everything and he uses people to help us along our path. For Jesus his example, his angel, was Aneya. So look for those people who have changed your life. 

The next day Jesus got the Holy Ghost and I asked him how he felt.  And he said he felt like he was high, but with the spirit and he never wanted that feeling to go away.  And that feeling never will go away as long as you are with God and obeying him…As long as we put all of trust in God. I know it is so hard sometimes, it is almost impossible to think that things are going to get better. But we have to if we don’t we are nothing.  If we don’t we are only going to slip and stay exactly where we are in this life and never progress. I really need to put all my trust in God at this time so I can have that "spiritual high" and be on a cloud and just float peacefully and be groovy one with another :)

Really I am so blessed with the miracles that I have seen on my mission, the friends I have made and the experiences that I have had to make me grow, everything has changed in my life since day one of my mission... I truly have given everything to the Lord that I can and I hope that He can carry me the rest of this year I have left :)

And I know it is the 4th of July on Friday......God bless America......Patriotism is not dead down here... Really think about how blessed we are to have this county and this land to live in too. We are in the greatest place on earth.
I love you all hope you are all okay, if you ever need my help write me or even if you just want to talk…
Be safe my brothers and sisters.

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